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  1. Hi All, So my wife drives a '56 plate fiesta which she bought with less than 20k on the clock, and it has been absolutely flawless until this weekend. We were driving home and I noticed the engine temperature had gone up to near the red - we were basically home so I did the last few hundred yards and checked it out. Previous experience pointed me straight to the radiator (long story) so I had a look, and sure enough the radiator was all but empty. Assuming a hose was leaking (thought the radiator itself was unlikely given the age/condition/lack of collision) I filled it back up and gave a few hoses a squeeze to try and identify the culprit - nothing. So I left it for a while and went back out to check the road/bottom of the engine to see if I could find any signs of a leak, but again I found nothing. Since then, we have noticed that the car leaving water on the drive (drive is dry up until we get in and move the car, the water is dropped when pulling out), but not from directly underneath - it's coming off the wheels in both wheel arches. It doesn't happen every time, but it's always both sides - which to me suggests a hose/the radiator isn't the problem as that would be a leak in one location. It varies depending on the direction it's parked on the drive (the drive is quite significantly downhill, and the leak appears not to present itself when the car is reversed into the drive(front upwards)). I thought maybe it was leaking on one place, but then collecting when left for long periods of time (overnight, for example) in a place that drained into the wheel arches when moved, but it doesn't even happen every time - on Saturday there was almost a stream forming from the water dropped in both wheel arches after being left overnight, but today after being left for the same time frame, it was bone dry. We're going to take it to a garage and get them to do some investigation, but before I throw lots of money at someone who is potentially not going to be able to find anything either, I thought i'd check in with you guys and ask - What the hell is going on?
  2. Thanks Stef. The revs don't go up and down per se, it just goes down too far, judders as if approaching a stall and then corrects itself. Once corrected, the idle revs are pretty stable. It only does this once warm - when cold the revs go as high as 2.5k when slowing to idle - they kind of spike before coming to rest. I feel I should say that other than this small dip in revs when returning to idle, the car runs completely smoothly. It makes no difference what-so-ever what I do with the accelerator pedal. occasionally it kind of splutters into life if I leave the starter motor engaged, but I normally turn off the ignition, and turn it on again (almost immediately) and it just starts. I always give the pedal a little bit when I turn it over, but I have tried giving it loads, and not bothering... it makes no difference.
  3. Thanks mate, have just had a quick look, apparently fiddly due to ingenius placement by Ford, but doable none the less. Just ordered one off eBay, will give it a crack when it arrives! P.S. My definition of easy is anything easier than changing the "Vehicle Speed Sensor" in the gearbox.... THAT was awful.
  4. I haven't no... didn't think of that one, assumed a fuel filter would be fairly buried in the tank etc - is it an easy job?
  5. Hi Guys, First time poster here, couldn't find much online so I thought I'd try posing the question to a forum to see what kind of response I get. I've had my Focus a couple of years now, and have been getting on great with it... had a few hiccoughs along the road, but got most of them ironed out. So since I've had the car, I noticed that when it is warm, and drops to idle (pulling up to a junction etc) the revs go a bit too far, and it has to correct itself - like it's forgotten how much petrol it needs to stay idle. I noticed this on the "common faults" sticky thread, which makes me feel a bit better! This on it's own is not really a concern, however occasionally, particularly when stuck in stop start traffic or parking, it will stall. It seems to be an extension of this idle problem, because as soon as i turn the key back round it springs back into life. The reason I am posting however is that this (assuming these problems are related) has gone a step further - around 50% of the time I get in the car now it doesn't start first time. So i turn the key, the started motor fires up and makes a healthy noise (battery is brimming with power), but it doesn't start. Like there is no petrol going to the engine. So i turn off the ignition, and turn it on again - and it instantly starts. The car is serviced (by me) every 5k miles, and had it's last (plugs, air/oil filter, oil change) 4k miles ago. The plugs are fine... has anyone experienced this before? I'm just looking for some advice, as I don't have (potentially) hundreds of pounds to give to Ford... so if anyone knows what could be causing this/if it's something I can "DIY", then I look forward to hearing from you!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums cstwig :)

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