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  1. Ecoboost Issues

    Thanks. Although the car is mainly used for short journeys the stop start does work often. The point I was making was that as it sometimes won't restart after stopping, then there must be a fault & it's probably the clutch switch. If the clutch switch is faulty then it will probably occassionally not stop.
  2. Ecoboost Issues

    We are also having problems with the stop start. Although if often doesn't stop, the infuriating one is that it occasionally doesn't restart when the clutch is pressed and you get hooted at by the cars behind you at traffic lights. There can also be periods when the engine does not switch off at traffic lights despite the battery obviously being fully charged & all the other criterior met. The dealer can't find the problem & tells you that there is no fault logged. I suspect it is either the clutch pedal switch or gear neutral switch being intermittent (MarieD's problem seems to be the gear neutral switch as jiggling it got the system to work). I suspect the dealers have got brainwashed by the diagnostics & can't deal with problems arising from simple on/off (or badly adjusted) switches that can't be found by the diagnostics.
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