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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me !, I noticed that the rear passenger foot well on the passengers side was soaking wet, i thought it was maybe down to the fact door had not be shut properly the night before, so dried all the water up with a towel. went to my car yesterday and noticed a soggy looking mat so took the mat out and it was dripping with water, and when i put my foot on the foot well water squiged everywhere (some much it came to the base of my boot) , this time i no the door was definitely not open as i have been only one in the car. any ideas as to what it could be and what i should be looking for ? Many thanks Sarah
  2. Hellllp :(

    Wasnt so cheap £150.00 to come to that conclusion. But only ended up costing a box of tea bags as he had a ford which was going for scrap yard so took the 4th lead from there. Never again will i be going to the first mechanic who told me the leads where new :-/
  3. Hellllp :(

    The car is fixed :-) i have never felt so happy :-) turned out to be the smallest lead that connect the coil pack to the engine the pin was bent and the bin inside wasnt even attached !
  4. Hellllp :(

    I went to ford to get the part I needed today, I think i'm going to have to take it to ford, is it safe to drive until I can take it there ?, so far I have spend £150 trying to put this right, the first mechanic was like matter of elimination other one was convinced it was the vacuum lead, nothing is working :(, I have been told the leads are new but now I just don't know, these mechanics saw me coming :(
  5. Hellllp :(

    New pipe and still no improvement :(, im slowly giving up Fern Ford, im a the end of my tether, wanted a ford 4 6 years finally got one and now its running like rubbish :(.... any more ideas guys ???
  6. Hellllp :(

    I have been to a second mechanic today who took one look at the car and straight away said its the vacuum pipe, he pulled it off to show me and its has a crack down the pipe and had been rescued with tape, so ordering a new pipe tomorrow so fingers crossed. he also tried some different wires on the coil and spark plugs and still same issue, but he seemed pretty sure that was the issue I hope it is !!!
  7. Hellllp :(

    Spark plugs have been checked they at the correct distance apart :-), non of the wires have come loose as they have been checked and the air gufner (i cant spell it) has been checked all working :-( what else could it be
  8. Hellllp :(

    What are the HT leads ?, and how far apart should the gaps be I bought the spark plugs from Halfords and assumed they would be pre set
  9. Hellllp :(

    Hi All, I have a Ford Focus Zetec 1,8 and I am having major issues with it at the moment it is jolting like I am in the wrong gear (any gear) :(, then the check engine light comes on, we have had it on a diagnostics machine and at first 2 faults where found we changed the Coil pack, still same issue so we then changed the Fuel Filter (no change), I was driving along and the check engine light came on and would not go off so we had it on the diagnostics again and it said that cylinder 1 was misfiring so we changed all the sparks and still my car is driving awful :(, does anybody have any idea as to what it could be I'm at the end of my tether since owning it in Feb I have had to have a new wish bone and now this. Any advise greatly accepted Thank you
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums sese_jane :)

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