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  1. ka Battery Fuses

    Apologies for bringing this topic up again. My friend has just purchased a 2002 KA. Does anyone know what these 3 fuses/holders are for ?
  2. been playing a lot of Euro Truck SIm 2 lately, but also have played Counter Strike Source just pre-ordered GTA 5 via steam ready for launch
  3. Brakes

    Usually get Pagid myself, Eurocarparts have a up to 50% sale on at the moment, might be worth having a look on there
  4. Who Is Your Car Insurer

    Got mine with Octagon. £850 a year, im 28, clean license but no ncb with an accident declared Found the policy via gocompare.com 1999 Focus Zetec 1.8
  5. 99 Focus Zetec

    1999 (T) Focus Zetec 1.8
  6. Evening From A New Focus Owner

    yeah basically, and just a quick service needed too other than that, nothing wrong with it, runs very well
  7. Evening From A New Focus Owner

    Was tracking it on ebay for a few days sitting at £150, then the seller dropped it's reserve to £250 so I jumped at it. Offered the reserve and he accepted. All because he already had a new car and needed this one gone Couple of small issues like rear wiper motor dead and needing a new lower front grille, but I'm in the middle of sourcing parts now Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  8. Erratic Revs And Slight Shudder When Idle

    I have the same problem with my 1.8 petrol Have read somewhere very recently about checking the vacuum pipes at the back of the engine, as well as spark plugs & leads Will be doing that myself tomorrow
  9. Hey all Was in the market for a new "runabout" car and happened to come across quite a nice little bargain which has grown on me quite a lot over the last week T reg Focus Zetec 1.8, long mot and tax with 133k for nicely sum of £250 Completely bog standard at the moment apart from having just changed its head unit from the old radio/cassette to a slightly more modern radio/cd unit Not really had chance to get out and take some pics due to the weather over the past few days.... been a bit wet. Here's the pic from the original sale though:
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums adduncan :)

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