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  1. Fiesta Tdci Wont Start When Warm??

    sorry forgot to say relay in my last reply, they said they will let me know tomorrow as they are closed now
  2. Fiesta Tdci Wont Start When Warm??

    I will mention to the garage about the glowplugs, the car is under warranty anyway so all work done for free. They haven't got a clue after speaking to them earlier, the way it's going I'll have a lot of new parts as they seem to be replacing everything haha
  3. hey all, im new to the forum, but need some me advice. i bought a 2006 fiesta 1.4 tdci about 3 weeks ago, i test drove it and it was perfect start to finish. once i paid for it and started driving home it was fine until i stopped to fill it up with fuel. the car wouldnt start, it would turn over and you can hear it trying but nothing. i rung evans halshaw up and they sent a recovery truck, in the mean time the car finally started. they told me once it got back to the garage that it wont start when its warm but will when it is cold, something to do with fuel not getting to the engine when its warm. they have replaced the fuel rail and sent the injectors away for inspection (they passed) but still i have the same problem. is there any advice here which i can tell the garage?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums regan24 :)

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