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  1. hello kuga owners

    I'll get one when I win the lottery Lol
  2. Wooo, does this mean that the Fiesta comes with a double DIN Sat Nag in the Dash??? Bluetooth Handsfree, VC and USB and Mobile Navigation for £350
  3. Perimeter Alarm

    But make sure it does not cover anywhere outside the boundaries of your property. True, if its trained on a front gate, it may catch a bit of public property. But the police will not be too happy if it is intentionally pointing to your neighbours house!!
  4. Perimeter Alarm

    Break their noses, its exremely painful, and they won't forget that in a long long time, especially if their nose is deformed for the rest of their lives!
  5. It has arrived!

    That car is amazing! I want!!!
  6. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    I was going for the Spa Metallic, but having seen one in town, its not like it is on the photos. So, I have decided that I will have the fiesta in Ocean Blue. Anyone recon the fiesta would look good in racing green?
  7. Courtesy Check Today

    Isn't the indicator cancel more mechanical than electrical? I thought it was, judging by the click you hear when you turn the steering wheel. (Bear in mind I haven't driven since I passed my car test in Feb, and ride a motorcycle where indicators NEVER cancel. If its mechanical, how can their diagnostics computer find it?
  8. auto central locking

    With some auto central locking cars, if you pull the drivers side door handle, it unlocks the car. Don't know if its mechanical or electrical though.
  9. Titanium or ECOnetic?

    Zoinkz How old are you? I'm 18, so it might be way too expensive!
  10. Pics of my new Titanium

    I stand corrected! I am definately getting an X when I finally get the fiesta!
  11. Pics of my new Titanium

    Nice, So we DO get the X if we get the Titanium X pack, unless you got it yourself!
  12. Titanium or ECOnetic?

    Who voted other? Which Model and your reason? :P
  13. MK7 Fiesta Key

    Get Keyless haha, then theres no problem :P
  14. Gel badge overlays

    True haha