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  1. My 07 Fiesta 90k miles. All services since new have been at a Ford dealership apart from one time at a garage. It's due a service now And I'm trying to decide whether to pay Ford for an oil change and a stamp for £125 (i think) or do it myself. Will a dealership service outweigh a D.I,Y service when coming to sell?
  2. On-going A/C Problem, Dealer Refund?

    I told them it must be a leak and they said it was leak tested multiple times which is obviously bs. What is my statutory right period? http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/the-second-hand--car-i-bought-has-a-problem-what-are-my-rights not sure how accurate this site is but there is some info about it
  3. New fiesta won't start :(

    Car Fixed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fitted the tank and new pump etc, cleaned grounds checked connections etc. works now.
  4. Bought my 2007 1.4 zetec climate on 12/08/2015 from a dealer. The car had some issues before hand, i said for the asking price(£3k) they had to be fixed like the aircon running hot, few seat clips and it was at 81,500 miles so a cambelt and waterpump was done. This was all noted on the order form/invoice. I think about a month after buying it the A/C wasn't working again so i took it back, they re-gassed it. It was okay for a short while then it went bad again, I can't remember if I took it 2 or 3 times in total but they said at the last visit the a/c was fine and it's "normal". I wasn't happy but didn't feel i could do anything so I left. The aircon now does nothing at all, no clutch click, no rev drop no sign of life. I paid £3000 for the car and was wondering if it's too late to do anything, the milage is at 90k now and out of warranty but this has been an ongoing issue since purchase. The dealership is also far away and a pain to get to so i don't want them to monkey about with it anymore trying to "repair it". I also don't know how to go about doing this, I'm sure they are professionals at wriggling out of situations like this.
  5. New fiesta won't start :(

    10amp. Not sure if the fuses are correct or if any are missing as I still can't find a fusebox diagram to match my car.
  6. New fiesta won't start :(

    I plugged in the new one and I could hear it working for a few seconds before it turns off. The pump was outside the tank though. Would not having it submerged in petrol cause it to seize almost straight away perhaps as both fuel pumps now cause the fuse to blow?
  7. New fiesta won't start :(

    Ok making some progress kind of. Today i moved around some of the relays and the fuel pump turned on(not really sure if moving the relays caused it to work). I then changed the fuel pump to the old one and it didnt work. I then changed it back to the new one and now that doesn't work. I have tested a bunch of stuff but what I've found is that Fuse 31 in the engine bay blows when the pump is plugged in and the key is turned. When the pump is unplugged it does not blow. Any ideas? I feel as if this problem might have a chance of being solved now.
  8. New fiesta won't start :(

    Pulled all those relays out. Using a 12v power supply all of the relays clicked and the ohm test was okay. I couldn't do power and ohms as my multi meter crapped out so I've ordered a better one. Trying to think what else could be wrong.
  9. New fiesta won't start :(

    I did print this exact one off but it doesnt seem to match with my fusebox. I'll give the fordmanuals site a try. K4 is that this one highlighted? If you don't mind me asking so I can learn, how do you know it's that one?
  10. New fiesta won't start :(

    Yes, nothing there unfortunately.
  11. New fiesta won't start :(

    Took the day off work to try get this figured out, gotta get it running by the 13th july and through MOT. Detached the fuel tank to access the pump cable. *******Checked the cable at the correct prongs and there is no power being sent to the pump. only to the fuel sender. I also checked the inertia switch and that is fine. I also spliced the inertia switch cables as it goes to the pump and again, no power. I need to locate the relays I'm assuming but can't find any decent diagrams. I bought a pump from the breakers which is probably not the issue now. I assume its a relay or fuse but i cannot find any diagrams for my car model. 2001 Fiesta 1.3 Flight - HK51 JGZ
  12. New fiesta won't start :(

    No, not sure why it would be on but I'll try to have a look. I'm having real trouble finding any pictures or diagrams for this car, not sure if its mk4 or mk5 (2001).
  13. New fiesta won't start :(

    Okay I removed the fuel filter, a little bit of fuel came out of that but the two pipes it connected too. nothing. Nothing came out the pipes even when turning the keys. I'm assuming this means perhaps the relay or fuse is broken or the pumps seized?
  14. New fiesta won't start :(

    Not sure if this car has ODB I'll have to check but I might still have my bluetooth odb scanner thing somewhere.
  15. New fiesta won't start :(

    The gauge was below empty when I pushed it too my house, then i put about 8-10 litres in.