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  1. the fuel filter should have bee changed 7k miles ago, at least he charged for me it anyway lol
  2. I drive a 2004 diesel fiesta with near 100k miles on it. Over the past week the car has been slighly jerking (not all the time) at say if i was travelling in 5th gear at 60mph sometimes the rev needle would slighly flicker and i would feel it in the car. Any ideas what could be the problem? Im guna fill up today and put some injector cleaner in to fuel hope it helps
  3. Whinning Noise Starts About 40Mph

    Never got an email, did you send it to email on this forum
  4. Hi, Ive got a whinning noise on my 2005 Fiesta and was wondering if anyone knew what this could be? Could possibly be a wheel bearing? Im due a timing belt (going to get it changed with service in new month when pay comes in), could this be anything to do with the noise? I wouldnt want this breaking or anything. The Car drives fine just makes a noise when hit 40-60 mph roughly Any help or previous experience appreciated
  5. How often should my 1.4tdci be serviced? Is it every 10k a main service and after the next 10k a mini service? Also What tyre pressure should i be at? Finally, I am on 83k miles and i think the book says 100k for a timing belt, should i wait till next service (approx 93k) or get it done now at 83k Thanks for help
  6. Is it a year or 12k miles whichever comes first?
  7. Im so excited...

    its only a fiesta!
  8. July UK new car sales figures (top 10)...

    people only buy them cos they are cost effective...only reason
  9. See Yahh - 600Bhp

    wouldnt pull the knickers of ye
  10. K&N Panel Filter

    you will not notice any difference in performance, having bought one for my previous car, i dont think i would invest in another unless i was doping more noticable engine works, but on its own i would save your money
  11. which bulb�?

    sweet, worked a treat hopefully all is good now, due up in less than an hour
  12. which bulb�?

    Is it a single contact or double contact bulb?
  13. which bulb�?

    i would appreciate any help you could give me mate, thanks for the reply need to get me one of those bulbs today, i take it any car shop will have them
  14. What about Andy Murray then?

    wtf this got to do with fiesta
  15. which bulb�?

    no one know ?