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  1. Going to take it to the garage tomorrow, but thought I would see if anyone knows what might be wrong. I was driving home few hours ago, and noticed that it was a bit jumpy, I put it down to me being in the wrong gear at the time, and thought no more of it. About 5 minutes later it happened again, and cut out on me, managed to pull into a side road. Tried starting it up, and kept ticking over, did this a few times before phoning the AA. When they got there, they checked that diesel was getting to the injectors, fuses and the cam-belt, but they all appeared to be fine. Has anyone had any similar problems? Can anyone recommend a garage in the Poole (Dorset) area? I'm most likely going to take it to the local Ford dealership, but if anyone can recommend one that might be cheaper, even better. Thanks :).
  2. For me its removing Autoglynn Super Resin...I tend to get bored after a few minutes...cleaned my car few days ago...and just noticed that I've left some on the left hand side of the car :(.
  3. Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on where to take my Focus for a service. I was thinking of taking it to my local Ford dealership (Tower Park if anyone is local), does anyone know if they are reasonable? Or can anyone recommend another places locally? Is it a benefit going to a dealership over a independent garage? Thanks :)
  4. Different settings?

    In my Punto I could hold down a trip button and it would change between, MPG, total miles, miles since last reset, average speed, is there something similar in the Focus? I've got a Y Reg LX if that helps. Thanks :)
  5. Ford Focus alloys

    All it appears to be is some kind of star shaped allen key? Does it need a code for that? Had a look in all the places I can find, but nothing :(
  6. Ford Focus alloys

    Thanks, didn't think of that :). Had a quick look, and they have the Ford name on in the middle, so I'm guessing not many aftermarket alloys would have that on? Friend of the family works at Ford so I'll speak to them about it. If they do have one...is it possible to buy them do you know?
  7. Ford Focus alloys

    I need a bit of help, I got my car yesterday, with some rather nice alloys on it, however, I dont have the key to take them off, which is a bit of a problem as one has a slow punture. Does anyone know any place that I can get a replacement key from? Went to Halfords, and they said a garage will have to break them off, and then get a replacement, however I dont really trust Halfords. I dont know what type they are, however, I can get some photos if that helps.
  8. What to look out for

    Thanks for the replies :) I went to have a look at one today...and brought it :D. Y Reg 1.8 TDDi, £1700, pretty pleased with it, also test drove a 1.6 estate...but it didn't help that it was misfiring, which put me off, even though the garage said that they would fix it etc. Going to need some new tires on the back in a few months, and the right front appears to have a slow puncture, but apart from that it looks good. Nearly cried on the way back though...stalled on a roundabout...thought it had broken down lol. Will try and get some photos tomorrow.
  9. What to look out for

    Thanks :) The advert says that the TDDi had a cambelt change at 87k, and is now on 94k, so guessing its got a while left. Quick question, when I'm looking at insurance, it often comes up with 90, 100 or 115bhp options, how do I know what one is what?
  10. What to look out for

    I made a thread a couple of months ago, but cant find it now. In the next few days, I'm going to be buying a Focus, I'm 99% sure its going to be a 1.8 TDCi Zetec, 2002, or possibly a 2001 1.8 TDDi Zetec Will there be much difference between the two performance wise? I've seen a 2002 one with 140k+ miles, which seems a lot, the 2001 I've seen has got 94k, and full service history. I'm tempted to go for the 2001 model because of this. If I do go to view either one, is there anything I need to look out for that commonly goes wrong? Thanks.
  11. Looking to buy a Focus

    Sorry for posting in a old thread, couldn't remember the url for a while. As my insurance is near enough 1k, I dont mind paying extra for it, if it will be a better car (I've not had much luck with my current car, so want to get a decent one this time, and willing to pay extra). What are the difference between Cat C and Cat D? I dont really know much about cars lol.
  12. Looking to buy a Focus

    Thanks for that, I'll look into that :) I'm not too fused about insurance at the moment, I'm currently paying £900 for a 1.2 Punto, with the quotes I've been getting for a 1.8 TDCi, its around £1.2k a year, which I dont think is too bad for 19 with 1 years no claims.
  13. Looking to buy a Focus

    Thanks :), I'm not really into that modding stuff, just a car to get to A to B really. I've decided to go for a 1.8 TDCi, going to be slightly more, but from the research I've done, it seems like the better model. Thanks again to everyone for the help, hope to be on here soon with my Focus :)
  14. Looking to buy a Focus

    Thanks for that :) I'm put off a diesel at the moment, but only due to the fact the only one I've driven is really slow, but then its a Citroen Dispatch, so pretty much a van), I've got a feeling my Grandad has a diesel Focus now I think about it...might speak to him next time I see him. Petrol is only 7p cheaper around here at the moment, and I'm only driving short distances each year (Done 8k since September 2007), so not sure if its going to save me massive ammounts at the moment. Might take a drive up to the local Ford garage tomorrow and see what they have, just wondering, as there is all the credit crunch crap going on at the moment...are dealers giving good discounts on used cars to sell them? Thanks again, and sorry for all the questions.
  15. Looking to buy a Focus

    Thanks very much for that :). One thing I did forget, at the moment I've got a 1.2, which is ok, but looking for something a little faster, but not too much for insurance reasons. (Currently paying £900 a year), are there any engine sizes that are better than others? Not just speed wise, but reliability wise as well. I've seen a 52 plate, 1.8 Zetec on ebay for 1.7k (although the reserve hasn't been met yet), which I like, and insurance is only 1.3k a year (or 1k a year when I turn 20 in a few months...dont think I'll have a new car before then though), but not sure if it will be any good really. Are there any advatnages to getting a dieseal over petrol? Apart from better MPG? I'll be happy with anything between 30 and 40 around where I live, currently getting 36 without driving too carefully to get it higher etc. And thanks for the link to autotrader, was bugging me for ages what the site was lol, cheers :)