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  1. OK, first off, thanks to everyone who helped with the last set of problems - the Focus is now running with a slightly patchwork but secure and aerodynamic body! Unfortunately the front wipers conked out the other day. I could still hear the motor running and the wipers would still move together - but the motor and wipers weren't having anything to do with each other. It took me a lot of messing around but I finally got under the plastic ... cowling/grille? ... to get at the wiper linkage and found that the main driving arm from the motor had popped off. Fixed it back on and after about three wipes it popped off again. Searching over forums it looks like this is a common problem with a number of cars. Is there any way to repair this, or failing that is it going to be a complete nightmare (and worthwhile) trying to replace with parts from a scrap yard? It seems like if the things have worn out after less than ten years, I'm going to have a helluva job finding one in decent nick from the scrappy... I've seen suggestions about drilling through the ball-and-socket and putting a bolt into it but there doesn't seem room without it grinding on other moving parts of the linkage. I saw another suggestion about building up the ball with epoxy but I can see that going wrong very easily if there's too much friction in the joint. Any ideas?
  2. Hello There

    Bugger. Thanks again Lenny. Not the news I was hoping for but ultimately less frustrating.
  3. Hello There

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Sean, I quite literally laughed out loud. I'm almost tempted to let Lenny have a taste of the mudguards and see what he can do! Jeebo, I'm still not entirely sure. Seems like the handbrake slipped (though it's not shown any signs since of there being any issues*) and although it was still cranked right up the car suddenly rolled down our (fairly steep) driveway. I'd just got out so the drivers side door was still open and thankfully I fought the urge to try to stop the car with my own feeble strength and dive out the way before the car was brought to a stop by the open door hitting the gatepost. Bent the door right back alongside the wing so the internal side is a mess too. I took the photo after I managed to manhandle the door back as far as it would swing but we had to take it off and reshape the hinges to get the thing to close anything like properly. I'm actually grateful for the damage to the door since that impact stopped the car rolling out into the road - with my two year old in the back! That said I'm now looking round the scrap yards for a new door and eventually a new wing too. I know it's not the done thing to ask stuff on here, but do any of you (Lenny ;) ) know if a door off of a mk1 or a mk2 will fit a mk1.5? Thinking in terms of broadening my choices at the yards... Cheers again. * edited to point out that I will be investigating the handbrake when I get chance, and in the meantime it's being parked in gear every time!
  4. Not Starting. Immobiliser?

    Belting stuff! :D Thanks again guys. No fuel leak smell but I'll check again in the morning to be on the safe side, and I'll investigate the handbrake first chance I get. Meantime it's being parked in gear everywhere we go!
  5. Not Starting. Immobiliser?

    Fantastic, thanks fellas. I'm going to go check those now. Fingers crossed...
  6. Hello There

    Cheers man. That makes sense, we ended up putting mk1 bars on it but I couldn't figure out why. I don't suppose you've any thoughts on my non-starting issue? http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/59904-not-starting-immobiliser/#entry392918 Thanks for the welcome either way :)
  7. Hello There

    Hi Lenny. You can recognise the model from the very limited amount of car in that image?! That might explain the trouble we had finding roof bars for it...
  8. Hello There

    Name's Jim, been a first-time owner of a Ford Focus (mk2 I think - 05 plate) for about 2-3 months now. Not much else to tell, other than that I've got a starting problem which I've detailed in the Focus Club - would be grateful for anyone's assistance. Depressing image of mangled wing / door from this afternoon attached. Cheers, Jim
  9. Not Starting. Immobiliser?

    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - I tried searching but couldn't see anything that seemed to fit. Got an 05 plate Focus which we bought second-hand a couple of months ago. I'd just parked up on the drive this afternoon and about 30 seconds later the handbrake seemed to give and the car coasted backward downhill hitting the gatepost. The driver's side door took the full impact and got bent right back alongside the wing. We've managed to fix the door hinges and rehang the door OK but now the car won't start. It's been perfectly reliable up until the crash this afternoon. All the lights come on on the dash, there's still plenty of petrol in the tank, and the engine makes all the right starting noises, just doesn't actually start running (sorry, I'm not great on cars and wasn't 100% sure that these were cranking noises!). Tried bump starting and again there was sound from under the bonnet but it didn't start. First thought was that the immobiliser might have kicked in but having looked online it sounds like there should be some sort of LED code - LED is coming on for the usual 2-3 seconds and then going off when the key is turned to II, as you'd expect. Also tried disconnecting the battery for about 5 seconds but it still wouldn't start when reconnected. Any ideas please? Really could do without a mechanic's bill... Thanks, Jim
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums JimMac78 :)

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