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  1. ideas for alloys

    I'd have those you've got on it now powder coated gloss black,its the in colour and is much easier to keep clean than silver. Looks well tough and will be cheaper than another set of wheels......
  2. wheel sprayers (notts/derby)

    :) You shuold get em done while the VAT is 15% and save urself a packet mate. Think The Wheel Specialists do online quotes and discount too..........
  3. Which Is The Best Brand Of Spark Plug For Focus !!

    Hi ive been told by an independant mechanic to only use Ford plugs in mine. Platinum tipped for ST's and RS's and standard for other models............
  4. Focus St170 Decat

    Hi i had same problem with mine,replacing lambda can sometimes cure it. There's one in front of cat and one after it cost about £75 each. I have a Bluefin Superchip and you can read any diagnostic codes with this and also reset the management light. Chip costs around £275 and is a handheld device that you plug into diagnostic port under steering wheel,its a simple D.I.Y job. Hope this is helpful,good luck...
  5. Anyone got or seen a focus RS yet???

    Me too but they should have left the torqe steer to add to the excitement and make it feel like a drivers car!
  6. Pic Request

    Here's some of mine,its full Magnex exhaust with Milltek largebore flexipipe and Sport Cat also group A K&N induction kit with cold air feed high lift cams and Bluefin Superchip. Around 210 B.H.P Also fully Heated and electric Recaro interior. Awaiting Focus RS rear spoiler and SuperCharger to take it to around 300 B.H.P mark. Should be happy with it by then!
  7. wheel sprayers (notts/derby)

    Hi i have one myself,had the same problem with wheels. Ford alloy wheel paint is always !Removed! (too thin). Had mine powder coated in gloss black,looks the business but i think colour is limited to black white or grey in powder coat,its 3 times stronger than paint though! I used a company called The Wheel Specialists,the have depo's all over UK and did fantastic job with mine. You'll find them on internet easy enough,it only took a day to do all four wheels plus centre caps too! Cost me £235. Good luck. See photo.........
  8. Which Focus??

    I have an st170 they are cracking cars but if your looking for something cheaper to run insurance,tax etc i would go for a Focus Edge as its a nice sporty looking model with decent alloys and a good level trim. Comes in silver or metallic blue too. Happy hunting...................
  9. ST170

    I have an st170 fitted with a k&n induction full magnex exhaust and a milltek large bore flexi pipe and sports 200 cell cat,also have a superchips bluefin fitted and its pushing 210 bhp. The standard ford cat and flexi pipe are real power restrictors,ditch these and it will go like stink,mine does. Pumaspeed in Wakefield do the pipes and cats and really know what their doing. Hope this helps.........
  10. st170 rear spoiler

    Can anyone tell me if a focus rs rear spoiler would fit my st170? The brake light seems to be longer on the rs. Don't know if this matters or not?

    Can anyone tell me if a focus rs hatch spoiler will fit a focus st170 hatch,the centre brakelight seems to be longer on the rs. Think the light fits into the hatch not the spoiler! If so mines shorter so dont think it would fit the hole. Would spoiler go around my brakelight?
  12. MY ST170