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  1. 09 Mondeo Sat Nav Question

    thats really help full thanks
  2. Usb Problems

    have reformatted the usb stick to FAT32 and no folders (synced it via windows media player) and still nothing not brave enuf to take the head unit out just yet but might have to as a last resort
  3. Usb Problems

    yes the AUX showes yo and the port works as ive tested it with my phone lead and there is power to it, just wont read the files on the headunit/flashdrive not to my knowage, the usb has power to it and the bluetooth works fine,
  4. Meet In The South Wales Area Sometime In The Summer?

    live in monmouth and would be up for it
  5. Zs 1.0 Sound With Cold Air Induction Kit ?

    the best air intake i use to use for my focus was a RIPSPEED Universal Air Induction System, Its cheaper then the high branded systems but use the same componants and as a green cotten on but with would the coloured filter. you can get them off ebay for less then $50 USD(40 euros) hope that helps
  6. Usb Problems

    i have a 59 Mondeo Titanium X with USB port in the glove compartment but when i put my flash drive in it, nothing comes up? anybody know of why this could be, my music files are in MP3 format.
  7. New Owner

    I've got the Mondeo Titanium X 2.0 TDCi in black only got it on thursday and is a big upgrade from my previous car which was a citron saxo 1.1!! in the 2 days that ive had it i can see why everybody has one as they are so nice to drive, just trying to get use to the push button start. will upload some photos of it when the better weather come
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums splash_uk :)

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