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  1. Private Reg Plates

    I want CR08 TES as I am in the plastic crate rental business. It is available, not too pricy, but still can't afford it. :( I've seen a lorry going about with HE54 !Removed!. 'He's a !Removed!'?? Don't think it's a private reg and I wasn't going to ask!
  2. 1st MK7 service - Have I been robbed?!

    My first service for my Mk6 was £99.00 from Rapid Fit, next door to the Ford dealer that quoted £160??! Local independent garage was only £5 cheaper.
  3. Name your cleaning Stuff

    I doubt the police will catch them as they will have made a "clean" getaway !!!
  4. TV Adverts

    John West advert is the best!
  5. Car Names :P

    My dad's classic MGC is called Barty!
  6. diecast ford fiesta mk5

    can you please send me the link to this ebay item - I'd quite like a model of my mk6. Thanks
  7. Longest Journey

    My longest journey was to Cornwall on holiday once. With my year old son at the time on board we did it in 2 days, stopping overnight just south of Bristol. I regularly used to do Birmingham and back in one day in a previous job. 5am start, 10 hours at the wheel and 600 miles.
  8. hey!

    hello from a fellow scot
  9. New vs Nearly new

    I am a recent new member to this forum and what has surprised me is the number of people who have purchased or have on order the new fiesta. I thought the forum would be full of people with older cars. Is nobody worried about depreciation? I thought there was a credit crunch on! I bought my mk6 (6 months old with 2k miles) back in January and paid £7,600 for it. Was £12k new. If I had bought from new I would have lost over a third of its value in 6 months, a whopping £4,400! I know that to get exactly what you want you need to buy brand new, but there will soon be, if not already, pre-reg mk7s out there to be snapped up at a bargain if you're not too fussy.
  10. Show us yourself

    Mr Crate.
  11. What cars do you hope to have?

    911 GT2 - one was being moved in to the showroom when i was delivering to the Porsche garage in Milngavie just before Easter. What a noise!, £135k though!! 911 Carerra 4 - saw one I liked at the new garage in Glasgow. Could get one too - only £10k down and £1,300 per month!
  12. Warranty

    Hi, My 2008 Fiesta has a torn seal at the bottom where the real tailgate lock has been catching on it. It is due to go in for its first annual service at the end of July and was hoping to get this replaced at the same time. Does anybody know if this would be covered under warranty or not?
  13. Rear tailgate

    Hi, I have an 08 Mk6 Fiesta and was wondering about the opening of the boot. It works OK, its just that I can only open it by pressing the button on the dashboard or on the remote key. With all the doors unlocked, if I put my hand under the handle above the number plate, nothing happens. Is this a security feature so that you can only open it with the key or from inside, or is something wrong somewhere?
  14. FOC Age group Poll!

    My 15 month old daughter is called baby belle (Isobelle)!
  15. Fiesta Mk6 Service

    My Mk6 Fiesta will be 1 year old and due it's first service too, at the end of July. There is a Rapid Fit near where I work (Livingston) and was thinking of using them. Are they any good and how much do they charge?