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  1. You ok Del, have you any thoughts on the problem of paint code matching, bleeding nightmare.

  2. Kevio

    Hello all, I have just purchased a Ford Focus 1.6 LX auto petrol. X reg. Few problems but in good Nick for it's age. Looking to tinker a bit and I am sure I will be posting questions in the coming weeks.
  3. Difficulty finding paint code

    I am to struggling with a paint match for my ford focus 1.6 of estate X reg, colour on vin plate is T9, when I put my details in the colour comes back as Light Sapphire Blue, got the paint from Halfords and totally wrong colour, much darker. HELP. driving me nuts. Thanks Kev
  4. Kevio

    Hi all, I own a Ford Focus 1.6 auto estate year 2000, X reg, i would like several bits of help. Where is a good place to go for matching paints, my colour code is Light Sapphire Blue C/C. Got some from Halfords but totally different. Next problem is my coolant has started to disappear, checked oil cap and is all good but the rubber seal inside the cap was not flat could this have been the cause. Also would like to give my car a service, any tips and recommendations would be much appreciated. Would also like to hear from anyone with this make and model and any problems they may have come across. MANY THANKS KEV
  5. Please can any one help, over the last few weeks a ticky kind of rattle has appeared and it seems to be coming from the drivers side of the engine, under acceleration it speeds up, i am going to Devon next week and do not want to be going in the car if it is unsafe as i will have my gran kids with me. Many thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums kevio :)

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