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  1. Thanks, any idea what relay it is, unless I've missed it there doesn't seem to be a relay specially for the horn, or would it be the same as battery saver as it's on the same fuse?
  2. Hello all, have a 2012 Fiesta which doesnt have a working horn, if you press the button on the steering wheel you can hear the relay behind the glovebox click.. I've had a look at the horn itself it's a dual horn not corroded and the connections look ok. Given the relay is clicking does this suggest it's the horn itself?
  3. I'd expect it to be able to handle this unless the battery was in a poor state - a colleague of mine with a Fiesta only does a 3 mile run to work, and thats about all he drives and he's not had this trouble. I think with my car a module or something is not shutting down (thanks Winemart2 for the air con suggestion but this doesn't work on my car it lost all its gas earlier in the year as I think something made a hole in a pipe or condenser), but the intermittent nature makes it difficult to find - plus if I disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, it doesn't drain which makes me think something is staying live until next time the ignition is turned on.
  4. This one is starting to drive me nuts with my Fiesta, its an 07 plate 1.6 Petrol About 2 years ago I went to it and the battery was totally dead...no biggie as the battery was 7 years old so got a new one. Same problem the next day on the new battery. At the time I thought it was the Bluetooth module, so pulled the wire on this and thought no more of it. Recently though, same problem - dead battery sometimes - I removed the electric mirror fuse (as one was stuttering when folding in so thought it may be this staying live) but then it happened again, then removed the heated mirror fuse, but its now happened again. Alternator has tested ok, no leak back, puts out the full voltage when running and can charge a battery ok, also I've not been able to find any obvious drain, the interior lights go out, nothing in the power socket. The intermittent nature doesn't help the diagnostic as it can be weeks before it has the same trouble. No aftermarket alarms or head units, plus the radio/dash display goes out after about 15 mins as expected. Does anyone have any other suggestions as what to look for? Apart from that its a nice low mileage car which hasn't caused me any other problems in its life
  5. If you search Android Radio Fiesta you will get a load which will fit, you should also get the adaptor in the box which converts the leads to ISO connections. Be aware though, these aren't brilliant. I had one for a a short while but it was clunky and poor quality, also the audio quality wasnt as good as the Sony, also the clips didn't quite grip the cage in the dash properly (where as the standard Sony 6-CD changer is fine) also I found the adapter for the leads and the thing which reads the Canbus was a little too big for the space behind the head unit. The Android ones run a basic version of Android with a basic interface on top to mimic a modern type touch screen that many manufacturers fit, but I found it a lot lower quality In the end its quality annoyed me so much I took it out and put the Sony back and its just sat in drawer in the garage since
  6. It's had a lengthy run today but still not lighting up. No clicks or anything when the button is pressed, it was registered Jan 2013
  7. Yes, even with the engine running the LEDs dont light up on the heating controls
  8. Hello All, My father has a 2013 Fiesta Titanium it has the climate control, but he's having an issue in that if you press the Heated Screen or Rear Window Demister buttons the light doesn't come on and the windows don't demist/heat etc. I've had a look at the fuses in the engine bay and behind the glove box but all seem ok, would this suggest a problem with the relay or am I missing something else? The aircon system seems to function ok. Thanks for any help
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums DarrenAY07 :)

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