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  1. thanks very much guys for the advice , will try both versions out when at the dealer.
  2. So my next question guys is with my budget st-lines tend to be the 100 version.Would be nice to source a 125 version but has it any real advantages over the 100. I only do 6k yearly which includes a few trips to Cornwall so wondering if the 100 is up to it. still looking for a dealer with a variety in stock but just asking for your views before I go along. cheers
  3. Hi Eric yes agree dealer should of had st-lines in stock but instead had a host of titaniums all lined up next to each other. choices of colours , 3/5 door all 1.0 100,s as well.maybe they all arrived from ford in one go but was a shame no st-lines in stock apart from the 1 new one in showroom. Never mind will find one soon to test drive.
  4. Fantastic looking car CJ you have , nice wheels.
  5. Thanks guys for all you replies , very helpful. will try and source a st-line.
  6. Afternoon all looking to p/ex my seat Leon soon and looking at the mk8 fiesta. My local dealer seems to have a load of titanium 100 models but struggling on st-lines. At 52 I should be looking at titaniums lol but love the look of the st-line. Used to have 2016 st so used to harder suspension but it was toooooo hard after a while so think the st-line would be fine. dealer is obviously hoping I go for the titanium model but just holding back at the moment. I,m on a budget and reckon with cash my top end is £12k also strangely enough the titaniums seem cheaper to buy !!! So guys what would you all go for ? And any regrets buying what you have ? interesting to hear your views cheers
  7. Well car picked up yesterday , absolutely brilliant. 1 owner 55yr old banker , very well looked after. car salesman is giving me a call next month about their new ST open day , blimey only just got this and he thinks I will trade it in against the mk8 st.
  8. 4 days and counting......biggest kid in the house ! will the idiot in his 53 plate 1.6 focus who always gets up my backside on the journey to work do the same to me now lol probably.....don't think he cares
  9. Thanks Dan , I couldn't stretch anywhere near to a mk8 st , paid 12k for this 66 plate. the mk8 is a stunning car , def in 2 years time. i did have an st last year but after 6 weeks ford rang me up to see if I wanted to sell it back to them for more money !!!! it won what car used hot hatch last year so I said yes please and walked out with £500 more. but I missed it and got another lol
  10. I,m picking my st up at the weekend , it's a 66 plate in blue. I did look at the st-line , it's a dam fine looking car if you ask me. Perfect for looking the part and cheap insurance , running costs etc. But if I would of bought one I,d be thinking every time I see an st why the hell didn't I get one of those hence spending 2k extra on the st.
  11. Patrico777 I,m kind of with you on this one , I had a 16 plate st2 4 months ago and initially was very happy with it. After a while the rock hard suspension wore through , several passengers commented on it (softer revised suspension as well) and generally was just a bit too hard for me. Yes it had a bit of go in it but if you have been used to mid range punch from a turbo diesel I can see your dissapointment. The st is good in a lot of areas , handling etc but maybe a st-line might of been the better bet for me.
  12. Just go for the st Connor , I had options a month ago to purchase a st line 140 or the st , I went for a test drive in a 2016 st-2 and instantly bought it. Superb car with loads of get up and go. Good mpg as well if driven normally lol. If you mod yours etc you will always be wondering what the st was like and when you see one you will wish you went for one.
  13. It's a superb engine the 1.6 turbo. I bought my 16 plate st-2 4 weeks ago and thoroughly enjoy it. i had a 1.0 ecoboost 100 so a big step up. Mpg very good if you don't hammer it. It just keeps going and going power wise and before you know it you are doing stupid speeds. Yes will throw you back in seat if you plant your foot . very hard ride though...you love it or hate it. I love it but wife hates it lol
  14. Yeah I know haha lol no probs , here to help
  15. Try pressing aux button a few times on the dashboard , I couldn't get anything then discovered the menu on the aux button. Mine is the Sony headset (fiesta st) but also might work on other systems .