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  1. Thankfully I work for a recovery company so I'm going to see if I can take a truck and recover it lol Thanks for the analysis guys. And I'll get the tyre changed too!
  2. Now the front right wheel is going into the arch. I can see one steering support snapped but aside from that the rest is OK. Would the snapped column be enough to cause this or has the wishbone been bent to further cause this? I've parked it up on the roadside for the night. It will need recovery to the garage. I managed to move it from a hazardous corner to a main road.
  3. Ok with my spring issues sorted the next thing i want improve on my fiesta is the stereo. at the moment its the basic - there's no usb or bluetooth - what i want to get out of the switch is bluetooth compatibility - both for phone use and audio streaming. not having the DAB ability doesnt bother me so is this as simple as switching out the units for modern one along with a new screen or am i missing anything out? edit: ok i've managed to find some useful links through google - seems like there's alot more bluetooth module... Indicator stalk with voice button Microphone & housing in map reading light All associated wiring looms. Then car needs to be programmed by someone with Ford IDS. This is the thread i was looking for! wow seems like alot of hard work. time to knuckle down...
  4. imranalime

    Advisory on a 2009 FORD FIESTA 1.6 ZETEC TDCI

    just to give you guys an update. the springs were done at his expense. i'd sent him a text afterwards saying i was unhappy with the offer that if i paid him the £150 he would sort out the car. i said if it wasnt fixed at his own cost i would be wanting a refund. he replied that when i'd come in today he would sort it. so upon arrival he said that the car was booked in for 12 and they would sort it out.he mentioned how the text i'd sent him wasnt required and an over-reaction. he mentioned nothing about paying him money to get this sorted as he had done in the phone call. got it back now and there's not a peep coming out from the suspension. :) result.
  5. imranalime

    Advisory on a 2009 FORD FIESTA 1.6 ZETEC TDCI

    Right. took it to the garage and he put it on the lift and lifted the car from underneath. there was a clang and he had a look at the springs and both front ones when i bought the car i talked him down a £150 discount on the basis i get the MOT done myself. that wasnt an issue. i've taken it to the garage this morning to find the source and it turns out both the front springs have cracked. fantastic. spoken to the dealer and he's trying to pull a fast one - he's saying that the £150 discount was to cover stuff like this that would've shown up during an MOT. so if i paid the £150 he would get these done for me. taken advice from online and i think i'm gonna go for a full refund and go buy something from a dealership or a more reputable dealer unless he repairs the springs to his cost. . i'm gutted cause it was a nice car.
  6. imranalime

    Advisory on a 2009 FORD FIESTA 1.6 ZETEC TDCI

    Ok picked this up this morning and mixed things. Feeling a bit duped by the salesman. When I took it for a test drive it was a quick drive on some streets and then a short motorway run. On the drive back home its clear that the way he told me to go was smooth because there's some loud clanging sounds everytime the car goes over a speed bump or bumps on the road. Gonna take it to a local garage to see if it's a quick job or something more severe. See what else has happened to the car. Worst case scenario is that it is a accident repair and its been done on the cheap.
  7. imranalime

    Advisory on a 2009 FORD FIESTA 1.6 ZETEC TDCI

    Thanks for the replies guys. I went back for a test drive and it drove good - had a good look at the exhaust - there was rust but it seemed on the outside. even if it was more like you guys said its an 8 year old car. This is what i went off.
  8. Hi, I'm looking to buy a 2009 59 FORD FIESTA 1.6 ZETEC TDCI and it seems to be all and well - Just had a few questions... On its last MOT there was an advisory for a exhaust rear silencer corroded Is this a major hidden cost? from looking around it seems to be solvable for around £100ish - could this be linked to any other issue in the car? At the moment it has the standard head unit - with a cd player and am/fm radio - i want to upgrade this to a bluetooth unit - again this is showing up on the ford website as £100 - is it worth doing this for that bluetooth connectivity?
  9. Hi, I've always had a toyota and they've been usually quite good at heating the car up quickly. I've got a new S-max and it just takes a fair bit longer. in the mornings i'd say 10 minutes driving before its sufficiently warm and if i turn the temp up high - its still not that hot. last night driving from Accrington to Manchester by the time i drove down to the m60 only then my feet were getting warm. is this normal for s-max's or is this something that is abnormal or can be improved??
  10. Hi all... Finally picked up my new S-Max Titanium today! so far I'm liking it though there's some things which were standard on my 8 yr old avensis that i didnt realise werent on a ford - folding mirrors for example! but i'm liking it. lovely to sit in and drive!
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