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  1. St150 Air Filter Kit

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone identify the air filter kit used in the picture attached below? I'd like to get my hands on one of them! Cheers
  2. Aftermarket Headunit Mk7.5

    Yeah with the processor and memory is not a good option. I had a fiesta 06-plate 1.4tdci and replaced the stereo with similar navigation, it had 600Mhz processor and 256MB ram, with such little spec its forced to use Windows CE which is rather old tech these days and doesnt have a great deal of options, I personally found iGO primo navigation software to be the best / stable option but was only able to source maps as new as Q3-2014. However I recently sold the TDCI fiesta for a 58-plate Fiesta ST and again looked into the options available this time with some previous knowledge of what I wanted to change this time. This time round I have purchased this > http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Android-4-4-4-Car-GPS-DVD-Player-for-FORD-FOCUS-C-MAX-FIESTA-FUSION-GALAXY-KUGA-/141650307277? Now I know this is for the Mk6 generation and will not suit you but I thought I would let youknow about my experience in order to save you time and money and less hassle! The key things too look for when picking these units are: Processor: ARM processors are readily available nowadays so units should be able to have Dual Core 1.6GHz (1600MHz) easily if not more. Memory: very cheap these days so 1GB (1024MB) should be pretty basic now and the more the better. Having both those allows for Android to be used instead of Windows CE - Android is far superior now as its developed for todays standards. I also has a vast array of Apps available to it especially when navigation is required. Theres Google Maps built in as standard, iGO is available too and was the Nav choice pre-installed for me on the above product, there is Also TomTom available! which I decided to install and use. There are tons more on the Play store which is available to you if you choose android. Being Android also meant I could install MX Player / VLC to playback music videos LOL! In Terms of Touch screen quality the standard is to use 640x480 resolution which is very poor and noticeably blocky. look for resolutions higher than this such 1024x600 it will finish the product off immensely as text and icons/menus will look much sharper. I have some free time here so I will have a quick look on the net for you and see If I can suggest an alternative for you. And btw £399 is quite steep, look at the link I bought from only £259. A final note: Steering Wheel Controls. There are different types, the android unit I bought works perfect with the Fiesta ST steering wheel column as its ANALOGUE and easily programmed so be very careful and double check the unit you buy is gauranteed to work with your steering wheel.
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