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  1. Hi guys I wonder if you might be able to assist. We have a 97 (R Reg) 1.2 auto. A brilliant wee car. The front brake pads needed replacing. I do this kind of thing all the time on my motorcycles so wasn't daunted about the car's but I've never had this problem. In fact it's been a litany of things really. The first issue came with the bizarre Ford liking of the 7mm hex key to remove the caliper bolts. The Haynes Book Of Lies doesn't mention you need a 7mm. So it was back on with the wheels. The following day I had bought the 7mm hex. The pads had already arrived in the post. Jacked up the car, removed the wheel, this time removed the caliper bolts, took out the worn discs, went to replace the pads and they were too small. On with the wheels again. I went straight to local parts supplier (ABM Motorparts in Plumstead) and they told me it is a common issue as there are two different sizes of pads listed for this car. Being a crafty sod I had taken the ones that were too small with me. He sold me a pair that were slightly larger and said if they didn't fit to take them back to him and he'll think of something else. Back to the car, jacked up, wheel off, caliper bolts off, pads off, new ones fit nicely. So, I copperslipped the reverses of the pads, fitted the outer pads, pushed the piston back with a g-clamp (having first removed the cap from the brake master cylinder) fitted the rear pads which clipped nice and easy into the piston ( I was expecting to have to use a bit of muscle on this but they fit really easily) I put the caliper back on, tightened the bolts, replaced the plastic caps, re-inserted the spring clip (what a pita that is) replaced the wheel and tightened the bolts. Then did exactly the same for the nearside. It was all over in less than an hour. Great. I replaced the master cylinder cap, asked the missus to pump the pedal a few times and we drove the car to the front of the house... ...to hear the most horrendous clanking and knocking. A car enthusiast and experienced spannerer also had a look at what I'd done and he can't figure out what the problem is either. Any ideas? Thank you Joe
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