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  1. Alloy Wheel Change Of Colour...

    They have been doing them for years now. So many people I know around the Midlands have and do use them. Every time I've been in they have stacks and stacks of rims ready to collect/start doing. They have a show room to show all colour options and finishes too. They do a in and out service, you can drop your car off at 8am and collect it at 5pm. It's next to the bullring in Birmingham so you could spend the day there and drive home with a new fresh set of wheels. Sent from my iPhone
  2. Alloy Wheel Change Of Colour...

    I did just share the details above lol City Powder Coaters - Birmingham I had spare wheels so want much of a problem but the finish was brilliant !! Sent from my iPhone
  3. Focus 1.6 Tdci Problems

    I second Dreasz, cheap change so try it first. after that it could be injectors but most likely fuel filter
  4. Alloy Wheel Change Of Colour...

    Full acid strip, shot blast, powder coat, lacquer £20 a wheel. City Powder Coaters - Birmingham Absolutely perfect finish! Only "problem" was they took a week to do them however he did tell me this when I booked them in. Since then I've had 3 other sets done for our cars and two mates have used them. Perfect every time. Shame you are all the way in Kent :-p Sent from my iPhone
  5. Manifold

    I had mine off to clean it out, not a difficult job just time consuming.
  6. Small Screen

    As above.....stay on till the cows come home
  7. Alloy Wheel Change Of Colour...

    I did mine in Matt Gun Metal I think for a white car Gloss Black looks the best! Sent from my iPhone
  8. New Member

    Welcome! any pictures of the animal ?
  9. Mk2.5 - Flywheel Hell - Same Old Story??

    Payment in the form of a Starbucks ;-) Thanks Sent from my iPhone
  10. Fixed To Flip Key.

    The key i got from ebay was a genuie ford part, the lock smith also told me he wouldnt cut a copy key as it can damage his cutter
  11. Fixed To Flip Key.

    ive done this, got a blank key and blade off ebay. got the key cut, manually programed the central locking and then got the key programed. all in think it cost around £50
  12. Fault Reader/dignostics

    Good luck mate Sent from my iPhone
  13. Fault Reader/dignostics

    No you should be able to find someone in your area to do it. First things first, get the codes cleared and go from there. I know this must be annoying Sent from my iPhone
  14. Fault Reader/dignostics

    Then it's not starting till the codes are cleared, it's also possible the car/key has lost the link so may needs re-coding Sent from my iPhone
  15. Fault Reader/dignostics

    Yeppppp! Turn it on and off a few time to see if the red light will stop being a muppet. That's for the immobiliser. Then it may start with a push or tow. However codes need clearing! Sent from my iPhone