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  1. My Focus Mk2 First Edition

    Nice one. It's just as I thought, non for sale. Was hopeful it was something specific to search. Thanks though, been frustrating to know why I couldn't find any Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. My Focus Mk2 First Edition

    Can I ask where and how you got the large display from? I can't find a part number anywhere - or any on eBay either
  3. My Focus Mk2 First Edition

    I've been looking into this - it appears quite easy. 1. Find a garage (ford main dealer?) that is able to pair the instrument cluster with the car 2. Buy a cluster off eBay, that has less miles on the clock than your current car 3. Buy an ELM327 off eBay (I bought a pre-modified one for HighSpeed-CAN and MediumSpeed-CAN switching - New USB Modified ELM327) 4. Read up on the ElmConfig software in this thread (direct English version of the software link - you need ElmConfig.zip and RuntimePack.exe) 5. Get familiar with ElmConfig - under the HEC configuration back up your current configuration (it's good practice to back up all configs before writing new ones) 6. Be at the garage, you have sourced, and swap the old cluster for the new one. Use ElmConfig to enable HEC Level 2/3, tick the clock box, and write to HEC 7. Get the garage to pair the cluster with the car 8. Use ElmConfig to increase the mileage, of the new cluster, to match the mileage of the old cluster (ElmConfig doesn't do backwards mileage, so don't be daft) 9. You should be OK from here Please note - I haven't done this, but the above are the steps I will follow. Because it appears these things need to be stated these days - I accept no responsibility for anything going wrong. Steps 6 & 7 may also need to be reversed, I don't know yet.
  4. uploads

  5. Mk2 Cluster And Centre Console Updates

    Did they get it working for you then? Was it easy enough...or do you have any tips on what to say to the guy that would speed the process up? Additionally, does anyone know how to get hold of the attached Focus cluster? It's the one with a slightly enlarged display - I've seen it on a Mk2 -> Mk2.5 conversion, so it is compatible
  6. My Focus Mk2 First Edition

    Hi JW1982, I was always hopeful of upgrading the cluster to MK2.5 from MK2! Is there anyway you could write a bit of a detailed guide about the configuring of the cluster and the PATS initialising? I mean, do you work for Ford and have access to that software? Or did you take it to your local garage? My car is the opposite - it's a 2006 ST with a full body upgrade to a 2010. But the internals are all 2006 and could do with the facelift too. Normally, I might give it a go on my own, but because you mentioned backing things up and requiring PATS pairing - I'm concerned about causing an expensive problem to put right. Your car is looking amazing, by the way! Cheers
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums BeerFuelledDude :)

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