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  1. Got a complete Fiesta metal exhaust a little while back for peanuts but never got round to fitting.... My only stumbling point is that I can't find a exhaust manifold gasket for fitting the cat to the block. Do I just use squirty gasket and hope it seals? On previous cars I have replaced cats on and they have all had a metal crush gasket that goes inbetween... Would be stupid not to use the cat as it has slightly larger ports P.S sorry for inactivity... moved house, child, job etc...
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Blower Only Works On Full..?.

    Any idea which fuse?
  3. Anyone Know Where To Get Gel Badges From?

    I have some for sale on eBay blue on black. For pre facelift only, front, back, steering wheel and wheel centres
  4. Hi everyone been a while since I posted on here My car has decided that the heating will only do full power. So on 1 nothing 2 nothing 3 nothing 4 everything.... Anyone had this before? If so what's the solution?
  5. Mk7 Gel Badge Overlays

  6. 1984 Mk 1 Xr4i

    Great read, glad you got it running
  7. Fiesta 1.6tdci 95ps Tuning

    I stand corrected but only as of 2014... I last had a diesel in 2013 lol
  8. Fiesta 1.6tdci 95ps Tuning

    diesels do not have cats they have a dpf and it is not illegal to remove a dpf . Decat - illegal DPF removal legal (if passes smoke test which it will)
  9. Fiesta Mk7.5 -- Build Project -- Charles2014

    Yea you see loads at ridiculous prices on ebay
  10. Fiesta Mk7.5 -- Build Project -- Charles2014

    Why did the badges cost so much? you can get exactly what you ordered and the wheel centres for £26.50 from gelbadges.com
  11. Busy Day

    My work car has the same engine and it's great, has more torque than the 1.6 petrol, sometimes I actually think it's faster than my 1.6 zetec s despite 50 less bhp
  12. My Performance Blue S1600

    Fiesta mk7 Metal has 134bhp
  13. you can buy coil pack testers from halfords they plug inbetween the spark plug and the end of the ht lead
  14. My Performance Blue S1600

    Just get a zetec s, cheaper and easier to find.... same power