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  1. secret hole

    you lot should have definately found this earlier! haha... i havent been on FOC in ageesss!.. as i would have told you! got my car in March 2009... this was done in april 2009 lol... Sat nav in the 'secret' hole connected behind the 12V adaptor, and linked upto a ford power button to turn it on and off. thus is... Ollies cheeky inbuilt satnav! Wooopaaaaa
  2. Rear Speakers

    helooo quick question, what size are the speakers in both the front and the back? thanks a bunch! Oll
  3. Mk 7 Fiesta Zetec S Tdci

    ford have made them, they can get hold of one for you if you NEED one, however they found that they mess with injectors once tested? also, remaps are readily available, go to superchips and it is listed on their website ;) also various tuning boxes are available for the car so you can switch between economy and performance! Oll
  4. Mk7 Exhaust from Piper

    i would definately by intrested in a full turbo back system! what type of price do you estimate this will cost?
  5. does anyone know the sizes of the front two and rear two speakers of the ford fiesta mk7? Thanks Alot!! Oll
  6. Removing Head Unit on New Mk7

    I live right round the corner from you! haha Oll P.S great guide matey, really want the back two speakers and a sub in my car, does anyone know the FINIS number for the rear speakers from ford? Thanks Again.