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  1. Transit Connect Internal Length

    Did you get the measurement you requested? It is a long time since you asked. I have a Grand Tourneo Connect and I will measure that if its any good now
  2. Electrics In Boot

    Can anyone help I have a 2014 Grand Tourneo Connect and I want to pick up a feed in the boot area for a 12v fridge socket which goes off when the ignition is turned off. Using to constant fed one that is fitted is destined for a flat battery one day when I forget to unplug it! Thanks guys
  3. Best Number Plate/reg Plate You Have Seen?

    Hi all, The best bever seen! I remember in 1976 as a car crazy kid of 16 reading a car magazine that DVLA had recieved so many enquiries where and to who the registration number STR1P would be issued that it would be withdrawn from issue. Far change from now, they would just sell it for lots of money!
  4. Yorkshire Members

    I'm in Holmfirth near Huddersfield!
  5. Tyre Pressure Warning Lights

    Problem sorted now, supplying dealer contacted me with exact instructions. Big thanks to the service department at Marshalls of Cambridge!
  6. Lighting

    The kit I purchased was H7-HIDS4U-Ultimate-35W-HID-Conversion-Kit but I would suggest that you ask their advice. Just be aware that if you fit a HID kit you need to upgrade your other bulbs because they will probably look very yellow.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to reset the Tyre Pressure Warning Light please as there as it doesn't even exist according to the handbook and it appears there is no option in the cars information computer menus?
  8. Transit Connect Seat Changes

    If you can't find any seats what about asking a vehicle trimmer whats their best price for improving the profile and retrimming your seats with leather. Good luck mate!
  9. South Yorkshire.

    I have a new Grand Tourneo Connect Titanium and live Holmfirth way
  10. South Yorkshire.

    I have a Grand Tourneo Connect
  11. Lighting

    I have fitted the HID kit and even in the daylight they look awesome! The only problem encountered was the heavy Yorkshire rain showers but the kit was pretty much plug and play! If anyone wants further information just let me know.
  12. Lighting

    I ordered the bulbs from Autobulbs Direct using the bulb guide in the handbook but it incorrectly says it has a separate fog light bulbs and cornering bulb! So beware of trusting the Ford handbook. I have replaced the side light, main beam and the fog/cornering bulbs with LED's which viually look so much better and give improved performance. I am fitting HID's to headlights but the kit only arrived yesterday as they have been out of stock and will hopefully get time to fit them over the weekend. So I will tell more and post photos when job is completed.
  13. Lighting

    After emailing Alltronix they needed to see my car to make suggestions what to purchase from them because Fords can be a bit "Tricky". I contacted Autobulbs Direct and was impressed by their logical suggestions. I made my purchases and now await delivery......watch this space!
  14. Lighting

    Thanks Troy thays beginers class in lighting!