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  1. Fiesta 2006 Exuast Blowing

    currently getting 38 mpg in my 2006 1.4 ghia. with a mix of town and 'A' roads. 24-26 mpg seems a bit low...do you do all city driving in traffic? but i did notice how corroded the exhaust system tubing was, when i was re-fixing some loose heat shield over the silencer. (the aluminium shield and steel nuts holding it in place suffered from galvanic corrosion leaving a hole in the heat shield. fixed with larger washers and high temp rubberised silicone sealant to separate) when the exhaust does go i'll get a complete system, as it's pretty rotten right up to the down pipe.
  2. Detailing

    just finished polishing and sealing my 55 plate Mk6 fiesta. had a few quite deep scratches when i got her just over a month ago, touched up a few of the worst ones that were down to the plastic on the bumper, and to the metal on the rear wheel arch. i spent a couple of hours a night last week with my rotary polisher, medium foam pad, and megs ultimate compound. polishing out all the defects, scratches, and the haze most cars paintwork of this age have. had to give some of the scratches on the roof about 6 or 7 passes to get them mostly polished out. but compounded the whole car over 4 nights. then i finished it off today under my gazebo. you never know what the weather will do, and it's a bit crucial for the C1 to be under cover. i used some liquid shine swirl remover and a soft foam pad to get rid of the fine hologram's. and then it was sealed with gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer..and the trim colour restored with C1 as well. also the glass has been sealed with G5. just waiting for the C1 to cure before taking the gazebo down tonight....
  3. 2006 Fiesta Not Locking

    have you replaced the key's battery? a CR2032 iirc...
  4. Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    thats a standard reply from any dealer, for a problem that hasn't caused a part to completely fail. they don't know what it is, and don't want to spend the time finding it. if a technician admits he 'hears' the sound, the service manager will simply say "you fix it then!" i've had the same reply from other car dealers, the next line is "it's a 'characteristic' of the vehicle/engine/gearbox etc..." and normal. if you know there's a problem, don't accept thier opinion, which is all it is, an opinion. keep going back to them and insist they sort it. or at least attempt a repair. my last car's engine rattled like tincan full of bolts, to be told it's a 'charicteristic of the engine'.and completely normal. until eventually i paid £500 for the engine to be 'investigated'. they then found the timing chain guides and tensioners had completely collapsed, and were floating around in the sump. and the whole engine had to be removed and re-built including a new crankshaft... :o
  5. Fiesta Mk7.5 - Removing Bird !Removed! Stain

    had this problem myself in the past. as i understand it most modern 2K paint finishes have a partially self healing clear coat, the action of the bird droppings drying on the finish shrivels the clear coat causing it to wrinkle up. you can polish it out with a cutting compound, or gently heat it with a hair dryer to help it reform, but a few good days of direct hot sunshine will let the paint relax and smooth out over time. so i'd leave it be for a while as see how it goes. the best defense is to have a good quality long lasting sealant that stops the droppings from gripping the paint surface and wrinkling it in the first place...
  6. Best Wax/polish/sealant

    are ford applying it? as i'm not a big fan of dealer applied coatings. most are little better than a sealant with a quick detailer used monthly to top up the water repellancy... the quality of the finish depends a lot on prep work done, actually applying the coating doesn't take that long. autoglym 'lifeshine' dealer applied packs can be had for less than £20 a go on ebay, done a few cars with those products myself... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTOGLYM-LIFESHINE-Life-Shine-Auto-glym-Car-Cleaning-New-Sealed-/151386361955?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Car_Care_Cleaning&hash=item233f549063 a good accredited detailer http://gtechniq.com/quote-me/ would do a full detail and 1st stage correction and then apply a quality sealant like gtechniq's C1 crysta l lacquer from £249.... http://detailmyride.co.uk/gtechniq.html
  7. Best Wax/polish/sealant

    no not a detailer, just an advid DIYer. sorry should have said lacquer not serum, (amended post) as the serum is an accredited detailer applied only. and can only be wet sanded off! a machine polisher won't touch it! :o i've used C5 on my other cars alloys, and C4 on both cars plastic trim, that's not too difficult to apply but i'd say you have to be fairly competant and methodical as cars need to be machine polished first, as no defect filling polishes are used it's straight to clean IPA prepped paint. i ordered the C1 the other day, and plan to MOP and seal the car next week while i'm off work....weather permitting. ideally could do with a large well lit garage to work in, i only have access to a small one at work. this is the gtechniq C2v3 on my other car....
  8. Best Wax/polish/sealant

    i'm currently using G techniq C2v3 for quick application, and amazing beading. plus C4 on plastic trim, thinking of using the very durable and long lasting C1 crystal lacquer nano sealant, and exo v2, they are stunning but a bit tricky to apply. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQeFa50XKOQ p.s. hi, 1st post... :D
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