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  1. As others have said, there's a fair size gap from the bottom of A pillar to behind the glovebox. I've had it off 3 times now, one for dashcam, one for bluetooth hands free and the other for reversing camera
  2. I'm gonna have a mess about when it's dry. Thinking of giving the o2 sensor heads a clean too, any advice? Also thinking of removing the adaptor on the second sensor, putting it straight into the cat and ignoring engine light.
  3. Thanks mate. I'll look into it a bit further. Just seen many people decat OBD-II based vehicles with no issues and no remap, might be that though.
  4. Never. I was under the belief the filter isn't serviceable on the 1.6 petrol 100hp (Non TI-VCT). Oil is changed every 3 - 5k although it's been about 8k due to winter. No leaks from the car at all (just a bit of oil around the gearbox but that's always been there)
  5. Just been reading up on o2 sensors and it states that if the first sensor (manifold) fails, then the car can just run a fixed fuelling ratio causing large jumps in emissions and fuel consumption. Is it possible it wasn't screwed back in properly or reconnected properly? I watched the guy do it (£20 labour so thought why not) but I was helping by pulling the cat back to the side when he put it back in so didn't see about the sensors. Surely this would throw up engine management if the first sensor had an issue though? Or would it just crack on and run a standard mix, to be fair it wouldn't damage the engine, might hurt the cat but that's what's getting me thinking it wouldn't throw up the MIL.
  6. Nope, fuel gauge is dropping quicker with steady driving, and with full throttle it's about twice as quick to drain. I mean really quick. I travel 34 miles to work, at a "brisk" pace, i used to use about £5, now it's edging pretty close to £10. There was a code earlier, P0139 Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response, cleared it and it didn't come back. Also a couple on the HEC but that's just related to me programming new keys. Took it for a spin, some very light eco driving, then a full pelt 0-70 on a dead road, then a little bit of normal driving whilst hooked up to forscan measuring RPM, Speed, DTC status, MIL status, exhaust bank readings and fuel usage. All looked normal as far as I can tell, nothing out of the ordinary. The rear lambda also increased at full throttle so it's sort of working even with the extension. Just wierd, fuel economy is ***** now, when I got the cat back it improved, even the air intake improved it too. Ripped the cat out and now it's literally as bad as an ST (I had one before, it is honestly that bad)
  7. Cheers guys. Forgot to mention that there are no DTC's (At least on dash and with wifi OBD reader) but I'll hook proper kit up to it today and have a look at all the modules. The fuel economy is so bad that if I'm rolling in 5th it shows 80 - 90mpg. Before I could roll at 10mph and get 99. Also gal p/h is 6x higher at times on idle.
  8. Hi all I decatted my 1.6 petrol, and ever since the fuel economy has dropped massively, and it's a little down on power. There's an adapter for the rear lambda sensor to cheat the o2 reading, but apart from that was all done properly, on ramps, all sealed back up properly and I have a cat back system too. It's only slightly louder too which I thought was a bit odd. Any advice? At this rate I'm just gonna put the cat back on cause it's a load of *****. Also pretty certain it's not backpressure as the power loss is higher up the rev band.
  9. Ahh you're miles away mate sorry :(
  10. Where are you based mate? I have all the kit to program keys etc, just done myself a flip one last week
  11. As above, it's ESP for models with that, or roof on the CC
  12. Just to clear anything up, it's for off road use, and I want to know whether the engine light will actually cause a loss of power or fuelling / mixture issues. Also is it possible to remove the cat / manifold without removing the sub frame? Also it's a petrol.
  13. My back have come off but I repaired with massive washers so they ain't ever coming off, but the one on top of the cat I ripped off because I couldn't get to the bolts.
  14. Hi all. I'm going to have a decat fitted (potentially tomorrow) and need to look into managing it properly. I know the check engine light will come on, which I can live with, but will this actually put the car in limp mode? As far as I understand, either the Focus mk2 runs normally, or limp mode where it states "acceleration reduced". Is this right? I'm hoping the light will come on but it will run as if nothings happened. Can anyone clear this up for me? I'll probably screw the second lambda sensor into the back of the cat, unless anyone has a better idea. Thanks in advance guys
  15. At the front on the exhaust manifold / cat it's fine to remove. Mines been off for half a year and haven't noticed any difference. I'd be a bit worried about taking it off by the fuel tank though, that's the only bit I'd be bothered about