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  1. Fault Codes

    Cheers @Russ, is the pedal and sensor standard on all the models or do I need to find an exact matching sensor number? How easy are they to change?
  2. Fault Codes

    Hi, Had a few issues this week with my mondeo stalling. She is a 2006 2.0 tdci titanium x , plugged in Forscan Fault codes as follows: PCM P0221 - PCM P0401 - EGR blanked off so not surprised at a fault code here. PCM P1211 PCM P0251 Any help would be great.
  3. Loud Twang....

    Well had the front wheel off, the top mount has basically come apart. The lower plastic component has failed and come apart.
  4. Loud Twang....

    With spring compressors?
  5. Loud Twang....

    Cheers. I've got a choice to make now. Standard springs or lowering.
  6. Loud Twang....

    Had a look, can't see anything. Given it a yank about and no movement. I'll jack it up and take off the wheel tomorrow afternoon. Probably change whole strut.
  7. Loud Twang....

    I got into my mk3 to pop to Asda, there was a loud twang and the drivers door (open) was wedged on the pavement. Car is pulling to the drivers side. Had a look without the wheel off and can't see anything obvious, I recently changed the drop links on both sides and they seem intact still. I'm thinking broken spring. Any ideas?
  8. Terraclean

    So the clean was carried out today, took longer than expected and has highlighted a misfiring injector. Kind of thought it would. The engine certainly seems to run quieter but then again it had been running for the best part of two hours while the clean was performed. Doesn't feel any more responsive but I guess that could be due to the injector. Next step bleed off test I suppose.
  9. Terraclean

    Cheers stoney
  10. Terraclean

    Petrol too. Google it, then fill out an enquiry form on the website, they'll email you your closest agent.
  11. Terraclean

    Having cleaned out my turbo a few weeks back and noticing a difference I started researching Terraclean. Spent a few days trawling the t'interrnet and I couldn't find.a single bad review or unhappy customer. Had a bit of a brain !Removed! today and ended up not going to the gym so I cleaned out my intake manifold... Jesus it was grim. In places the build up was about 5-7mm deep. Put it all back today and took her out. No more fluctuating at 30mph or 50mph, figured I'd track down a local terraclean agent and get the rest done. If it works it works, if not such is life. Also found that the glow plug rail? Will need replacing as it's melted a bit where the plastic end scores to the engine. And a vacuum pipe was off... The large one on the airbag... Christ alone how long for. I will update tomorrow with the good or bad news.
  12. Knocking From O/s/f

    Replaced both drop links, annoying rattle has almost completely gone (though I think the rattle is from the fuel filter in the engine bay rattling around. but have a clunk from n/s/f when I pull away or on full lock.
  13. Knocking From O/s/f

    Replaced the knackered drop link. Handles.nicely now, still a little.bit of a niggling rattle hoping that changing the other will eliminate that.
  14. Knocking From O/s/f

    Got a pair of droppings today, £23 from my local motor factors.
  15. Knocking From O/s/f

    Definitely the drivers drop link. Where it connects to the anti.roll bar the rubber had completely split through