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  1. St Recaros Comfort?

    I suspect the dealer would just say ultimately It's my fault - I test drove the car twice, ordered it and they delivered the spec I bought. And they are probably right on that legally. But hey, I've had the car less than a week so I'm not going to chop it in for something else just yet, have a lot more adjusting and trial and error with pillows etc before I get to that horrible point!! Solve this problem and the rest of the car is great. Is odd though, have driven a lot of cars in my life, and most of them will bolstered/bucket style seats, and have never had an iota of back pain from any of them. Must just be one of those few people whose body shape and back doesn't work with them, typical!! :)
  2. St Recaros Comfort?

    Thank you for all the comments..i sat in the car earlier and tried to work out whats causing this. And its a shame the recaros don't have the adjustable lumbar support dial as I think Phil is spot on, it does feel that the protruding lumbar 'bulge' towards the bottom of the seat back is the only part of the seat I'm in contact with and if I could dial that out of the way problem solved. Chalk one up for the zs if they have it! my size coupled with the hardness of the seat means I'm just not sinking into it fully and most of my back is getting no support at all. I have everything else adjusted properly for reach, incline etc. Really disappointed, but this issue just didn't show itself on either of my test drives owing to their length...of course its happening as soon as I get in the car but its after about an hour or more I start to feel it and then boy, I feel it and still do for a while after the drive! I will try the pillow suggestion clarky makes, although looking online at lumbar pillow they are the opposite of what I need - it's a case of the seat having too much support there that's the problem in the first place. Maybe just a regular thick pillow against the seat will help as it may even out the support. What will I look like driving an ST with a !Removed! pillow against the seat!! Other than that, car is amazing fun to drive though until my problem makes itself felt :)
  3. St Recaros Comfort?

    Yes I did wonder about my size being a factor (8st 2lbs) I've never had back pain before in my life, either from car seats or anything else so this is not nice! Thank you for advice, I will persevere for a while at least.
  4. St Recaros Comfort?

    Hey all, Had my ST2 for a few days now and after a couple of longer drives I've getting a painful ache in my lower back - nevre had that in other cars. I appreciate that almost everyone loves the recaros so its either me or the way I have the seat setup. I've tried fiddling with the height and the tilt - but it seems to be the bulge in the lower part of the seat (lumbar?) which is causing the discomfort. I will keep on fiddling with the adjustments but this is an issue I really wasn't anticipating - I value my back! Do people on here have theirs set low to the floor or high? I've tried both and doesn't seem to make much difference so far. Be crap to have to sell the car because I'm getting back pain, but that may end up being forced on me if I can't fix this :(
  5. 1St September At Last !!!!!!

    That's nothing! it'll be gone before you know it :)
  6. 1St September At Last !!!!!!

    thanks! I love the colour...and looks even better in the sunshine we have here now :)
  7. 1St September At Last !!!!!!

    yep, at last after a 3 month wait (my choice, I would add!) .....shame it dumped a bucket load of rain down just as I collected, but hey ho all good. :) nothing we haven't all seen many times before, ie spirit blue st...but just for completeness here it is
  8. *** Ford Sync Applink 2.0 - When?

    Yeah its one area that's not great in the current fords isnt it? When even aygos and the like all have touchscreen systems with music, car data, satnavs etc ford can't or won't even upgrade their clunky old sync setup! one review I read said trying to use the satnav on the fiesta is like looking through the wrong end of a telescope - bang on :)
  9. Ford Protect Premium Plan

    Doesn't sound that cheap really, even compared to ford dealer pricing let alone proper garages. Although I guess with breakdown cover included it makes the calculation closer. depends if you're intending to just take the local dealer price and not haggle or ring round for quotes...if their price is £200 more then that's a major ripoff! Then again, friend of mine with a little fiat 500 not even the abarth was quoted, for a year one service ie oil and filter and a few checks, £359!!!!! Fortunately she spoke to me before agreeing to it. :)
  10. Mountune Mp215 Review

    Thanks for your detailed review...it pretty much validates my decision to leave my car standard. Though I do hope you're being tongue-in-cheek with the comment re the badge 'I want other hot-hatch owners to see it and be jealous of my slightly faster car.' Really??!! But great that you're enjoying it, I'll be joining the ST club on Monday :)
  11. Nearly There

    Not long then. First thing Monday morning for me ;)
  12. St Engine Tapping

    Covers you for 1st year of warranty, and then if you get a service done at Ford it extends for another year...so a case of working out whether the extra cost of servicing it at the dealer is worth it compared to buying breakdown cover separately after year 1.
  13. Halogen Bulbs For St

    I've never understood the whole change-your-lights thing. Have never had a problem with standard lights, certainly never to the point where I'd waste time and money changing them. Each to their own and all that.
  14. I would say you can get an ST for just a little more. Or if you want a warm hatch which I appreciate some do for purchase cost, insurance or running cost reasons then the swift sport (one of the competitors ford themselves said this was aimed against) can be picked up for £13K and that has all these options as standard, plus more such as xenons and a touchscreen? and its still faster than the red/black. Not dissing these but can't quite see the market for them on price or performance.
  15. I think the red one looks pretty good. Shame about the price...especially by the time you add the essential options to them, poor value even with ford discounting.