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  1. Hi all, I thought I would post up my first real modification to my Escort in the hope of making it more 'track ready' in the near future ^_^ Induction Kit Exhaust muffler Stickers :D What do we think, I know it's nothing special. any advice would be great or any ideas :) (did I do the induction kit 100% correct?)
  2. Yes, I can presume experience and knowledge from others can come in handy :)
  3. Interior

    Wouldn't it be best in this bit of the forum? http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/99-wanted/
  4. WhAt!? Just £2.5k! :o Wow! Amazed that's all it's going to cost
  5. But the stress is so worth it ;) amazed it hasn't cost much, looked like an expensive project. But very interesting and can't wait to see the finished product :D
  6. Whoa! I see you have got a bit to go ;) You'll have to show everyone a before and after picture of the paint job :) I'm amazed how much your doing to it, but it sounds like your enjoying it :D
  7. What left have you got to do?
  8. Wow! This Escorts come quite far. Well done mate, it's looks like it's going really well :D
  9. Hello Everyone (Newbie) Ford Escort

    Wow! You know your stuff Gonna get an induction kit defiantly along with the other stuff you said, never thought about doing a Terraclean service but sounds like a great idea Do you know any services which can make a custom exhaust? But yeah I can get most these done :) Big thankyou this really helps :D
  10. Hello Everyone (Newbie) Ford Escort

    Yes, I only really got this for trackday use cause it was cheap So nothing big to it. The minimum you need is just A car (did first when it was stock). Cheers for the advice though,appreciate it. I will see to getting round some of these :) I tried looking for exhausts, any advice on what to look for, as I can only find stock ones. Do you have a track car?
  11. Hello Everyone (New) Ford Ka

    Hello Jack.
  12. First Trackday Brands Hatch Ford Escort '95

    This is my first trackday using my Ford escort '95 1.8l Ghia.
  13. Hello everyone, I have a Ford Escort MK6 1.8l Ghia '95. I have not modified it except putting on Akina Speed star stickers from Initial D. I have completed my first Trackday and hope to do more and make my car more track ready than it is. But I know I will be doing alot more trackdays in the near future (in the hope one day doing the trackday/team trophy). :D Any tips and advice would be great and highly appreciated :) David :D
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums davidmay :)

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