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  1. Lovely car Leroy, I've had my car wrapped too like yours when I read this thread.
  2. Was wondering where my thread went lol. Thanks mate, sorted now.
  3. After I put wind deflectors on it. The passenger side windows doesn't go up with one-touch anymore (goes down fine), I have to hold the button to fully close it. I'm assuming I have to reset it somehow but I don't know how exactly. Also the speed of how both windows open and close have slowed down quite a bit. The wind deflectors been on for a week now so it should've worn in, right? :/
  4. For a moment I thought that was your car. Good timing for you buying that, nice one.
  5. I'm thinking of getting those rear spoiler extension but at 160 odd quid.... I really dunno. Crap double post sorry.
  6. E5GDM, beast looking zetec s mate! Exactly what I want to do with mine. With the exhaust, did you have to cut a bit off it? I remember Nathan having to do that in his guide. Paramanic, that's perfect mate! I'll definately do what you did. Nice one cheers! Thanks for the info, you guys are top class!
  7. 31bhp increase wiith just a remap, unreal. Then I look at Mountune. And their mp135... Damn warranty.
  8. On the T&Cs, you can add mods although you require written permission from Ford Credit and the car has to be returned to its orginal specification before you return it. True that on the insurance part though.
  9. Hi guys Been trying to get my hands on the ST rear look for my ecoboost but having a hard time finding the parts for it on fordpartsuk even if I put the part number on the search box from a guide I've seen here. Am I doing something wrong or should I order from pumaspeed instead?
  10. I can't remember who said it but did someone mention that Mountune will release their mp135 at the end of this month?
  11. Bluee

    Black Wheels

    Nice one. Think we could get a wee discount if we got 3 cars there? My boss wants his alloys refurbished as well.
  12. I had the same problem. When I was in my old 09 Fiesta it sync'd with my htc wildfire s perfectly fine but once I changed phones to a samsung galaxy s4 it wouldn't load up the names from my phonebook. I thought my phone was too new for the car or something. Best going back to a Ford Dealership and ask for help really.
  13. Bluee

    Black Wheels

    Would that void warranty? I'm thinking of getting that done. ****'d up my alloys.