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  1. Air Blowing Direction Steering Is Broken

    Nobody knows? I took apart the motors and they look fine inside.
  2. Hi, I have a problem in fiesta 2009. If I want to change the blowing, let say on to my feet it doesnt work. It just blows on the window. Someone from this forum advised me to check if the tendon from the motor didnt fall out. It turns out that it didnt, but the plastic handle broke. It broke because the motor steered it too far and it jammed againtst the white plastic that stoppes it. Ive changed the motor but its the same story. If you didnt understand the above let me explain in a different way: Lets say you press once the button for the blower to blow on your feet, then the motor turns the plastic handel a little to the left. If you press the button again the motor returns the handle to the position it was before. If you keep doing this 30 times it will always be in those 2 positions. In my case it wont. If the motion of the plastic handle on both directions takes up 2 seconds, in my case it takes 2 seconds and to go back it takes 1,5 second. So if I press the button 30 times the plastic handle WOULD turn 300 degrees. It "WOULD" but the plastic stopper stops the handle but the motor keeps going and breakes it. Below Im attaching a pic of what I mean. The handle only turned that much because I took off the white plastic that would stop the handle. If you have any idea why this happens with both motors, please help. No. of the motor: VP1S7H-19E616-BB
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