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  1. I thought the same but I was gutted to find the starter motor wouldn't fit in the bell housing and I can't exactly use mine temporarily cos of the size of the hole in it.
  2. Interior Led Bulbs

    I got the fog lights out and disconnected the power from them but the bulbs don't come out of the fitting?
  3. Interior Led Bulbs

    Preface lift mk2
  4. Interior Led Bulbs

    I know this question isn't bout interior bulbs but it is about bulbs. I purchased brighter front fog bulbs but I can't get the old ones from the fittings. Anyone know how to do this please???
  5. Update on my car. I have just spent out nearly £400 on a new clutch kit and a gearbox for the focus. It will be repaired tomorrow finally. A month without the focus has felt like a long time.
  6. Thanx mate. I'm hoping the bell housing comes apart from the gearbox. I'm not sure if it does to replace that bit
  7. Damage in need of repair. Bits of metal from broken off left on the engine cover
  8. Bit of bad news on the focus. Currently off the road as my clutch is shattered and it Has blown a hole in my bell housing and cracked it so probably gonna be without my car for a couple of weeks . Pics will follow.
  9. Car Insurances? What Are You Paying?

    I got my insurance sorted today. Got a quote with Adrian flux for £460. I tried ford insure but they quoted me 1800 and something.
  10. Car Insurances? What Are You Paying?

    My insurance was 600 on a 2008 1.8 focus titanium. I'm 29 been driving five years just got my fourth year no claims but my current insurance company (first central) who I have been with for two years and my renewal came in at 2500 with no explanation they could give me for this huge increase. So today I'm looking for new insurance. Octagon quoted 432 but I'm not sure on them.
  11. Slow & Steady

    They look good. I need to pick some of them up for my motor.
  12. Just a quick update on the focus. I received today my new main/high beam bulbs and new fog light bulbs through the post as I noticed after to replacing my headlight bulbs to brighter ones my high beam bulbs and fog light bulbs were very dull. I have ordered new side repeater bulbs for the mirror indicators. They should arrive by Wednesday or Thursday. Following that I will have to make a start on the rear lights. Only thing changed on the rear of the focus is the number plate bulbs.
  13. Sony Radio Code

    25 quid cos the code wasn't in the history of the car that they have. I begrudged paying 25 quid for four digits but had to be done. Needed a new battery as the one I have had in the car since manufactured died on me completely.
  14. Sony Radio Code

    Ended up getting the code from fraud as I had to go Coventry Saturday and needed my radio for the journey
  15. Sony Radio Code

    How would I know where the v code is found.