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  1. Capless Fuel System

    Thanks, at least mines not the only one then
  2. Capless Fuel System

    Haven't seen a funnel, unless it is in the boot. I may stop in at my local ford dealer to put my mind at ease re this capless system. I was just a bit surprising that the fuel door didn't lock, there was no cap and the flaps that are there can be pushed open. It just didn't seem right to me
  3. Capless Fuel System

    The fact that I can manually open these flaps isn't something I should concern myself with then? And is something common with all newer Ford models? Have not come across this capless fuel system before
  4. Capless Fuel System

    You can push your finger through the first and second flaps? If you can do this wouldn't somebody be able to put foreign objects into the tank?
  5. Capless Fuel System

    You say it's designed to only open for the correct fuel nozzle, but if I can open mine by hand how is that designed to only open for the correct nozzle? Can anyone else push open their metal flap by hand? I am trying to establish whether mine is faulty. Thanks all
  6. I have just brought a Ford Focus Zetec 2011 which has the capless fuel system. I've looked online & it says the flaps should only open when the correct fuel nozzle is used but I can push the flap open with my fingers? Is this normal or is mine faulty? I can push open the top flap & then there is a second flap which I can also push open? Any advice on this would be most appreciated
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Mig2012 :)

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