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  1. Happy Birthday robbyt!

  2. Heater control knob Rheostat cicuit broken Mk4 fiesta As above, my heater is not working correctly it will not change from Hot to cold when I turn the Dial. I know through testing (and having had to renew it recently) that it is not the Heater Control Valve. I have been told, by a good mechanic friend who looked into, it that it's the rheostat. The part behind the Heater temperature knob. Ford only sell the whole Console and they start at about £100 for the basic one (which mine is). I have had it apart and it is possible to change the Circuit board inside the console. Does anyone know of the best solution? Can I get a circuit board from another Ford? Does anywhere sell the Boards minus the whole console? Any help hugely appreciated. Many thanks. Rob
  3. Pictures of my Fiestas :-)

    Nice looking Fiesta man.
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    Welcome Mattie. Fiestas Rock !Removed!!
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    welcome FocusMarsh and Heidi. Love the Focus Marsh!! Looks awesome.
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    Hey Spoon welcome! Never say never! A 400bhp Focus is achievable, Just ask Ian Howell (Area Six) :P Rob
  14. more spanners than money

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