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  1. Annoying road / wheel noise (CC3)

    Thanks for the advice in this thread. Here is my update on the situation. A few days after posting I coincidentally got a really bad puncture and while inspecting my tyres the guy at the local tyre place told me that my two rear tyres were quite badly out of shape.They were really cheap no name type tyres anyway so I decided to have them all changed for some Uniroyals. The whining noise has now completely gone, yay! I still get the annoying interior rattle from time to time on rough roads which I need to attempt to track down.
  2. Annoying road / wheel noise (CC3)

    Hi all. I've got a couple of annoying noises that I was wondering if anyone could identify on my 2008 Focus CC3. The most worrying is a loud high pitch humming sound that starts at about 65mph get louder and then vanishes when I go over 70 it seems to resonate through the whole car. I'm thinking it's either going to be tyre noise or wheel bearings but I'm not sure. It doesn't seem to change when I steer (which I would assume that bearing would do) The other noise is a pretty annoying vibrating / rattle that seems to be coming from around where the driver seatbelt comes out from the interior trim. The kicker being that the first noise seems to exacerbate the rattle through some kind of sympathetic vibration and I end up in a rattling howling mess when Im at motorway speed. Anyone got any ideas as to 1 what the first noise might be and 2 how to fix the annoying interior rattle?
  3. Should I Buy A Focus Cc

    Thought I would give a little update to my thread. I went for a little test drive earlier in a 08 cc3. Was really impressed with the level of equipment in it (auto wipers and lights, heated seats etc) and it drove really nicely. However when I rocked up to the showroom I noticed the price ticket on it was £400 more than it was on the website which I bought up with the dealer and he then said he would give me a "deal" and take the £400 off . Also I noticed that it seemed to have a bit of a lumpy idle that I could feel vibrating the steering wheel, I asked the dealer about it and he claimed it was because there wasn't much petrol in it Then I asked to see under the boot carpet and there was a lot of stale smelling water on the boot floor which he claimed was because it had just been valeted I've definitely set my mind on buying one now as it was a lovely car to drive but maybe not that one.
  4. Should I Buy A Focus Cc

    Thanks :) That helps put my mind at ease some what, Managed to sneak out in my lunch hour today and tried one out for size, an 08 CC3, Loved the interior and I couldnt see any evidence of water anywhere even though it has been outside in the rain. Didnt have time for a test drive sadly as I had to get back to work. One thing I did notice is that there seemed to be a bit of a problem with the seals on the back window, looked to me like it was lifting a little in parts.
  5. Should I Buy A Focus Cc

    Thanks for the excellent advice :) I told myself I would never buy another convertible car after I spent two of the most miserable hours of my life stuck in a gridlocked traffic jam, in a thunderstorm, driving an MGF with my right leg getting steadily wetter and wetter as rain dripped through the top of the windows. However I miss the occasional blast with the roof down and the radio on so much. It’s mostly the leaking issue that’s worrying me, and not knowing if it’s just the occasional drip or a full on tsunami. It has been raining so much here lately that I guess I might be able to take it for a test in a downpour
  6. Should I Buy A Focus Cc

    So I've decided it's about time to replace my car (currently have a very tired Alfa 156 that needs a cam belt change and I can't be bothered to throw good money after bad) and the Focus CC has really caught my eye. I really miss the fun of roof down driving and I have seen them at what seem like outrageously cheap prices. Obviously I've been doing some research on the internet as to why they might be so cheap and I have come across the infamous leaky roof issue. There seem to be a ton of people giving the car one star reviews and slating them relentlessly and another ton of people saying the car is great and they have never had any problems, so who do I believe? Can anyone who has owned one give me the low down on what I can really expect if I buy one? Did the later models fix the leak issue or is it going to be a problem with whatever year I buy? Or is it just the luck of the draw? Does the car deserve its bad reputation? Also if I do go to a dealer to have a look at one is there anything I can do to find out if their perticular CC is leaky or not? Any advice would really be appreciated.
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