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  1. Focus air con

    thanks i hope thats all it is i have only had this car 3 weeks, it has an aa warranty not worth the paper it is printed on, but its going in for full service next week i asked for regassing too so hope its all ok. cheers
  2. Focus air con

    Hi, I have a 55 reg focus Ghia with air con, for some reason the air con does not get cold at all, i guess it could need regassing but i have noticed that whenever i start the car the aircon light is on, i keep switching it off but next time i start the car the aircon light is back on again.also when i do swith it on nothing happens at all, no noise from compressor or anything, does anyone have any ideas thanks
  3. Mk II focus 1.6 Ghia

    steve thanks for that, i guessed thats what happened but whenever i go to my ford dealer they look as if i am from another planet, i just dont understand how they cant even find apart number for it . crazy thanks
  4. Mk II focus 1.6 Ghia

    Hi, I have just bought a used focus 1.6 ghia 2005 model, can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as an engine cover available for this model, most garages think i am from a different planet when i ask, it would be one of those plastic or abs types, i know they are on the 1.8tdci but the 1.6 looks different, please help thanks ken.s