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  1. Ford KA for sale

    She will put the price up! haha. Well if I dont hear anything she is going on Ebay tomorrow, what do people think I should put it on for price wise?

    ChesterChick Look forward to playing on Fifa and such ;)
  3. Current favourite game.

    Fifa 10 and gutiar hero world tour I find rather addictive! Half the way through WET and wheelman which are good games but I have a phase of not playing games for some time then go back to them.
  4. hd cable for xbox 360... help?

    Tbh, I dont think it makes much difference to the picture. They are cheap in asda though if you want one!
  5. Very nice photos! If I get married I know who to ask :) I think they look stunning!
  6. snow

    I dont like it at the moment. Got caught up yesterday in it all and it took me hours to get back home. Had to leave my car and get a train back home! Picked it up today though. The only good thing is that I work in a primary school so no work! :)
  7. A clean Ka is a happy Ka

    Looks very good I must say! :) can you come down and do my car for me?
  8. I really like your car from the pics. I am liking the tennis colour green! :) think i'd have that colour if I was to get one. I am pleased you are so happy with it! When I first seen them I wasnt so sure but they are growing on me, gotta have the alloys on them though me thinks!
  9. Ford KA for sale

    Nice one, let me no if he is interested. Hoping to put it on Ebay by the weekend if I cannot get a sale.
  10. Streetka petrol cover lock

    WD40 is the king! Especially in this weather!
  11. Streetka key

    I know my Dad had this problem and it cost about that to get a new key. You could do the whole ebay thing but I wouldnt have a clue what to do!
  12. how do i post pics on here???

    Very nice Ka there :) To make it your profile pic I would suggest going on to image shack (imageshack.us) Browse in your photos and upload the picture, at the bottom there is a tick box saying 'resize image', click on that and change it to 100x75 avatar. This will make a small image for you like mine! Upload it then you will be given a link to the image. Come back on here go to your control panel then go on edit avatar settings, it will say ''Your image avatars'' then under the box which says ''Enter a URL to an online avatar image'' copy and paste the link you got from image shack! Hope that helps :)
  13. Ford KA for sale

    I am selling my Ford Ka, I love her to bits but I have just inhirthed a newish (2008) Fiesta. This is my first car so it's hard for me to get rid as you can imagine, but I want a quick sale to help me pay towards the insurance. Here are the details: FORD KA Red 1998 1297cc 4 seats Three Door Hatchback Manual Unleaded Milage - 60,179 Tax - 31/03/2010 MOT - Due Feb 2010 It has a private plate on which was on it when I bought it. It has a different look to other KA's as you will see from the photos.... the side skirts, back bumper and spolier were added on by the previous owner and a respray was carried out. It's a great runner and a good car to drive, perfect for a newbie driver like me The bad parts: Drivers door had an attempted break in under the previous owner, slight scratch going down the door. Drivers window is quite hard to wind down but it does go down with elbow greese! (I'm a bit of a whimp lol) Have had trouble with the battery in the past, but with the new one I got I havent had any problems as long as I give it a run every day. Looking for £900 ono PM me if your interested Thanks a lot, look forward to hearing from you x
  14. Fuses - diagram

    Does anyone know or have the diagram for the fuse positions? Looked on the back of the cover and the diagram isnt there :( I have a 1998 'R' reg Ford Ka. My window wipers didnt work and I changed the fuse, problem sorted but now all my lights apart from the indicators and side lights wont work. I have a feeling I put the fuses in the wrong places... Any help would be apprichated! Beth x
  15. HELP!!! Electrics gone crazy....

    Gutted hope you can get it sorted. This happend to my mum's corsa, we needed an auto electrican to sort the problem out in the end.