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  1. Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6 Knocking

    Oh of course i would change everything in one go, seeings as i would have the engine stripped, i may swell change the rest :)
  2. Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6 Knocking

    Yeah this is what i was thinking, i imagine chain is fine i was just wondering if anyone has heard of any common problems with tensioners or guides or anything :/
  3. Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6 Knocking

    yeah have heard they are prone for it, although not big end i believe, it will start tapping more than a knock, if you give it more gas, even the tinniest bit the noise stops?
  4. Hi Guys!, I have a 2001 Mondeo Zetec S, 2,5 V6. After around 3000rpm there is a knocking that sounds timing chain related still starts and drives fine besides knocking, although not driven for long. Is there anything that is prone to failure i.e. plastic guides or tensioners? any help or advise would be appreciated. Thanks! in advance.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums AaronSpurgeon :)

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