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  1. Focus Radio Problems

    Ok, so I've decided it's worth getting a new module as it's pretty likely to be the cause of the fault, but is the 8M5T-19C112-AK modules are pretty rare. Is there any problem with fitting a newer module, such as the CS7T-14D212-AC into the 58 Focus. Will there likely be any problems communicating with the radio console? If so, what about just a slightly differnet model, eg the 8M5T-19C112-AP. The most obvious problem is this: Is there any adaptor that will take the lead that plugs into the right hand side (which is not a standard usb lead) and plug into the standard micro usb input on the left? If not, I don't mind splicing them.
  2. Focus Radio Problems

    it's very slightly smaller. Back in the days when every phone manufacturer had their own connection.
  3. Focus Radio Problems

    It's Nokia - one of these: It's pre 2009 which is when I think they changed the USB connector into a standard micro usb. Unfortunately mine isn't - you can see the difference here where mine is like the one on the right I think I'll refit it, make sure the connections are as good as I can make them, and see what happens. Will have the effect of resetting the module as well. If that doesn't work, then I think I may gamble on getting a new module, becuase it's both connections that aren't working properly suggesting module rather than cables (possibly). Is there any other way of a more full/complete reset I can do on the module before doing that?
  4. Focus Radio Problems

    I tried the update (thanks!), but the stereo did not respond to the usb being inserted, before or after switching the ignition on. I've gone and taken the Nokia bluetooth box out to see if there's anything I can do with that. the sticker on the box describes it as "Bluetooth voice connectivity with usb" so it seems to be the correct type of module, but it may be defective
  5. Focus Radio Problems

    It seems Ford used to make updates available via ford-mobile-connectivity.com. Could it be it needs an update? If so, is there anywhere these updates are still available?
  6. Focus Radio Problems

    So, it seems there are no phones bonded, yet it's still not giving me a bluetooth code when I try and pair my phone, after disengaging the unit from the battery. To try and sort out the aux, I've taken the unit out and had a look at the quadlock connector to see if there is actually an aux connection. I found this: Using the diagram below, it suggests that in Part B, I have Aux L + and -, Aux R + and -, SWC and SWC gnd, and is Part C I have Aux 2 L, Aux 2 R, and Audio Gnd. Does this sound like it's set up correctly?
  7. Focus Radio Problems

    Hello, thanks for the advice so far. Just going to try playing with Fuse 112. I will get a proper usb Y cable for the ipod, however the reason for doubting this will work is that the aux in is not transmitting any sound with any device, and the usb is not allowing control of the ipod from the console (I know sound wouldn't work anyway) even though the Ipod recognises Ford Audio. As for the bluetooth - when I go onto Phone and press menu, it says "active phones". I select that option and I can scroll through phone 1 to 6. I don't know if that means all these spaces are actually taken with phones that I need to debond. However, if they are, the debond option is not coming up where it should (eg, go onto phones and press menu twice). There is only one option on the phones menu - Active Phones. Is it worth taking the radio out and checking the aux connection to the back? Possibly could be dodgy, or infact not there at all making it a useless aux jack?
  8. Focus Radio Problems

    Hello, I know there are a lot of questions and answers on these forums about Ford radios but I have looked extensively and can't find anything that helps so far. I have a 6000CD - one of these models - in a 58 plate Ford Focus. The car has an aux in jack and a usb slot in the center armrest. I plugged my ipod into the aux in, and pressed the aux button, and turned both devices onto full volume, but no joy. Checked the cable, it's good. I tried plugging the ipod in via usb cable, it comes up as connected to Ford Audio, but the radio console is not recognising anything and will not play the ipod. Tried resetting the ipod as this has been suggested but no joy. Tried connecting with both aux and usb, no joy. Considering getting something like this (Genuine Ford Part - Audio IPod / IPhone USB Connection Cable: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike) but I'm not optimistic. Should it help? Tried playing my phone through the aux jack, nothing. Then I've tried connecting my phone to the console using bluetooth. Bluetooth is on on both devices, phone is discoverable, it searches and finds Ford Audio, I select it - and no code shows. I type in 0000 or 1234, but it doesn't connect and still no code shows. I've also tried using the voice command, I press the voice button, the radio display reads "voice" but it does not beep as it should to signal it is ready to receive a command, and nothing happens when I say something. Is it likely that the bluetooth/voice box thing is playing up for a start? And what can I do about the aux jack? Many thanks
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