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  1. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    Once you have chance to investigate the vibration & If you find a cure please let me know :D thanks in advance.
  2. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    Thanks I plan on jacking up the car and taking a look today see if I notice anything wrong :) I'm taking it back to the garage I bought next week as the a/c needs gassing which they are happy to do, I doubt they'll be so happy to see me continuing to complain about the shaky steering wheel ... Last time when I was there they did try resolving it my doing the balancing & tracking which in fairness I thought would sort it.
  3. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    Thanks for the advice. Is there anything distinctive about steering wheel vibration linked to the driveshafts? Do you suspect driveshafts due to the reason that from 40mph I can notice a vibrate? Any other major give aways? And this will seem like a silly question but when looking at the driveshafts how can I tell if they are knackered or not?
  4. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    So all the tyres,although rubbish makes, were made either this year or the 32nd week of 2013. Not particularly old. And after trying the car with a completely different set of tyres the vibration persisted. The cars still under warranty and ive alerted the dealer to the problem, they were convinced it was balancing, so havnt giving it a full investigation however now that I've had the wheels balanced & eliminated the possibility it was tyre related I feel it might be something worse.. I don't really know what else it could be but if anyone could point me in the right direction I'll be better placed to get the dealer to sort it out 😁
  5. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    Even if it turns out the vibration is unrelated to the tyres I'll still replace them all soon .. Always normally have michelins, Pirelli or continental tyres!
  6. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    Hi Andy.b1971, Thanks I never realised tyres had dates on them :s I'll look into it. I can say the tyres are all lesser brands (I think) - 2 jinyu's and 2 bravuris 2s (only heard of jinyu but I know they are a pretty budget make). I'll definitely take a close look at the tread as well! With regards to braking, nope, no pulsating upon braking.
  7. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    Come to think of it my dad has a focus lol Thanks It never occurred to me to swap tyres I think I just assumed its something more catastrophic. I'll probably try swapping the tyres tomorrow, and at the very least can rule them out properly.
  8. Ford Focus Mk2 Steering Wheel Vibration

    Thanks for the fast reply fred80, however I've already done this. Should have mentioned that when getting the wheels balanced I swapped the rears for front because the rears have much more tread.
  9. Hi all! So I've recently bought myself a 57 reg ford focus 1.6 (100ps) style. I'm happy with the car apart from this steering wheel vibration issue. The wheel seems to start vibrating from speeds of 30mph onwards, definitely worse at 60~75mph. Haven't gone any faster. At lower speeds the vibration is noticeably worse whilst lightly braking. Had all four wheels balanced & the tracking done which I believe remedied the issue ever so slightly but now I'm out of ideas...I think the car was stationary for a period of like 2 months whilst at the car dealer and I've read tyres can develop "flat spots" but the tyres visually look normal. I'd appreciate any input ☺
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums al3xse :)

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