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  1. You posted this in the wrong group mate. Try posting in the Focus group.
  2. I picked mine up Friday afternoon & the drive home (only 5 miles) was great but not had a chance yet to take it for a proper drive, but that will change very soon.
  3. Even on the test drive, the gear change was a lot smoother compared to my Fiesta Zetec & a very noticeable lack of the turbo lag. I am looking forward to picking it up tomorrow afternoon & driving it over the weekend.
  4. I pick mine up in the next few days. I only test drove it & it is awesome.
  5. Here’s the car in question:-
  6. Here you go:-
  7. The one I am looking at is brand new for that price.
  8. I currently have a Mk8 1.0l 100ps Zetec, I am looking forward to comparing it with the new one. I will post pics if I buy it (not definite yet) but I am sure it will be mine 🙂.
  9. Now been auctioned off & will probably be back on the road again somewhere in near future.
  10. I had the same issue when I fitted mine (also a 5dr) spray silicone spray into the channels of the window & the window will glide up pass the deflectors without any issues.
  11. The dealership had 8 St-line edition 125ps hybrid Fiesta’s available at a very good price.
  12. I have put a deposit down on 1 & I am waiting for it to be delivered to the dealership so I can test drive it. Hopefully it will be awesome to drive.
  13. Does anyone own a Fiesta 1.0l 125ps ST-LINE Hybrid?
  14. The insurance company have written off the car & we are getting £3810 for it.
  15. Thanks TomsFocus, I was actually thinking £3000 - £3500 if they write it off.