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  1. Go by the year not mk, not every company or country have the mk7 in the order we do.
  2. This is what was done https://ford.oemdtc.com/2754/safety-recall-17s09-coolant-level-sensor-system-installation-2013-2015-ford
  3. Have you been on fiestaSTOC and joined up to have a good look in the tech section? I don’t think these issues are as common as your research leads you to believe.
  4. If your car hasn’t given you any problems, keep it. You take a risk with any used car, you can’t fully know the history, get it checked over by the AA or RAC if they still do inspections, buy a warranty, stop looking for faults on the internet, that’s all you’ll find and it’ll give a skewed view of the reliability. Ive had the only time any of my 3 STs have been into a garage was for servicing or modifications and 3 warranty claims. 3 warranty claims sounds bad on the one car doesn’t it. 2 were for failed illuminated sills the other for sagging material on the passenger sun visor.
  5. You said you were looking at a 66 plate, the coolant issues was for early build cars 13-64 plate. The coolant header tank and some of the hoses are the same or similar design/construction on the 1.0 and 1.6, the small diameter hose into the header tank can become brittle, header tanks can as well but new are about £30 if you want to swap it when you buy the car for piece of mind.
  6. Yeah buy some of the alternatives.
  7. He’s using genuine new ford parts so that probably the right price, try your local ford dealer or try eBay for used ones from a breaker etc.
  8. This is a bit left field option but bare with me, maybe slow down for speed bumps
  9. There are loads of options, the Goodyear and Michelin get recommended because they are better them the others in many peoples opinion, buy what you want.
  10. http://www.catcar.info/ford/?lang=en&l=bWFya2V0PT1ldXJvfHxjYXRfaWQ9PTExMjIzfHxjYWJicj09R0NDTnx8dGhrPT0zfHxzdD09NjB8fHN0cz09eyIyMCI6IkV1cm9wZSIsIjMwIjoiRmllc3RhIENDTiAyMDEzLSIsIjQwIjoiNSBCb2R5IEFuZCBQYWludCIsIjUwIjoiNTAxMDIgQm9keSBBbmQgUGFpbnQuRnJvbnQgQm9keSBTeXN0ZW0iLCI2MCI6IjUwMTAyMTAgRGFzaCBQYW5lbCBBbmQgRnJvbnQgRmVuZGVycyJ9fHxhbHBoYT09NXx8Z3JvdXA9PTUwMTAyfHxzZWN0PT01MDAxQUVEfHxzZXQ9PUNONTAxMDJ8fGltZz09SzAyNjk1ODEwMnx8ZjEyPT0tOTk4MjE2NzA0KzEzNw%3D%3D
  11. http://www.catcar.info/ford/?lang=en&l=bWFya2V0PT1ldXJvfHxjYXRfaWQ9PTExMjIzfHxjYWJicj09R0NDTnx8dGhrPT0zfHxzdD09MzB8fHN0cz09eyIyMCI6IkV1cm9wZSIsIjMwIjoiRmllc3RhIENDTiAyMDEzLSJ9fHxhbHBoYT09NXx8Z3JvdXA9PTIxMTA2
  12. The one guy on that thread who says his ST doesn’t have them has a non uk car. all 3 of mine have had them.
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