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  1. MarksST

    Tyre pressures 205 /40/17

    Fifth row up from the bottom of the list.
  2. MarksST

    Mk7.5 15 Plate Fiesta - Sony Stereo Balance Issue

    Have you checked the settings of the ambient sound compensation and the settings ford here the sound is centered (driver or all)?
  3. I've got the earlier ones on mine and the bonnet alignment isn't affected unlike the NB styling single strut kit which was miles off and could never adjust it to sit right. Looks like the changes will take the flex out of the bracket.
  4. MarksST

    Best or recommended ceramic

    Crystal serum is Gtechniq's best product but is detailer applied only, you can get crystal serum light and apply it yourself, which will last quite a while, their liquid crystal and C2V3 are good, don't last as long but are cheaper and easier to apply. You can add Exo over the top of all these aswell. I had crystal serum put on my ST and use C2v3 now and again as a quick detailer.
  5. MarksST

    Selective Driving Modes

    What does it say about it in the manual that came with the car?
  6. MarksST

    Security, diskloc etc

    Fiestas get stolen just as easily now.
  7. MarksST

    Security, diskloc etc

    What happens if you pull that out, take the 20A fuse out and put the fuse back into the fusebox?
  8. MarksST

    Security, diskloc etc

    Cars don't get stolen from people's driveways or public car parks?
  9. MarksST

    Security, diskloc etc

    You protected a now 30 years old pug better than a 2 year old car that gets stolen regularly? pulling the fuse might not work if their unit is self powering.
  10. MarksST

    Wiring a rear dash cam

  11. MarksST

    Fiesta ST Brakes (Pads, Discs & Fluid)

    Eurocarparts have a discount code every week, I've had 50% and 75% off brakes. OE discs are better than the brembo equivalent. are you doing the fluid change? Ford dealers charge about £30 which seems fine to me.
  12. MarksST

    Wiring a rear dash cam

    Mine cable goes through the the rubber boot, pull the boot off at the hatch end, you can then feed the cable through to one of the plastic caps on the top edge of the boot lid, I drilled a hole on the edge of the cap to make a slot for the cable, the cable is held on with self adhesive cable clips, less than 200mm of cable us visible and only when you look for it with the boot open. cable runs to the front cam by pushing it into the gaps between the headlining and pillar/window trims.
  13. MarksST

    Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    Centre console, there's a small piece of tape on the back edge, it's a tight fit aswell which helps but makes it awkward to fit easily.
  14. MarksST

    Mk8 headlight suitable for mk7?

    Have a look at that picture and then at a picture of the headlight on your car.
  15. MarksST

    Automatic Folding Mirrors

    Think he gave up a long time ago. you can do it yourself using a modified elm cable from eBay and the Forscan programme. or contact Jason at OBDiscovery, he can do it remotely I think, he does set up programming days here and there too.