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  1. Ford website if it’s one of the current range.
  2. How are you measuring the oil temp? Didn’t think fiestas had a oil temp sensor.
  3. Been using a lot of hand sanitiser?
  4. That’s from a mk7.5 from 2012 onwards. You car won’t have them unless someone added them, they may not be wired up.
  5. So they’re working correctly then, just need to swap to red LED lamps.
  6. Check if they have bulbs in and that the bulb hasn’t blown. you would need 501 fitment red LEDs.
  7. Go to a dealers parts dept, they can get it from your reg number.
  8. Try looking for a mk7 linterior light.
  9. Folding mirrors were probably an option, if not check the vehicle settings to see if auto fold is turned on.
  10. If the chrome is ok then DMB also make hella badges that go on top of them in different colours.
  11. There’s probably how to videos on YouTube, see if you want to have a go, I didn’t when I fitted my side stripes think I paid £40 for a vehicle sign company to have the hassle.
  12. Look at DMB graphics, genuine over the top stripes are about £200
  13. 382 lamps are used on the later car 06/16 builds onwards, if you have the rear lights with the 4 stripes you need the 382, any other is a 380.