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  1. Air Filter Box Intake

    Call a dealer see how much they are, some parts are reasonably priced (some aren't though)
  2. help with missing part, what's it called?

    Pic would help
  3. Fiesta Mk8 Airtec Induction

    Did they send you the correct kit?
  4. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    Hot air won't be the issue, when moving there will be enough cold air, the turbo heats it up far more.
  5. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    Ok, so it's not a K&N induction kit. Does that filter foam feel oily? If some may have ended up on the MAF, the garage cleaning it may have sorted it so hpeofully it's that. sometimes the tube holding the MAF sensor can be the wrong way round, your sensor is the correct way round, try swapping the tube round only. if the problem happens again, try the standard airbox if you can, the filter does look a bit small, may not be an issue but it looks more of a universal fitting rather than made for the ST.
  6. Optimum RPM

    Might be able to turn it using Forscan, mine dissapeared when the car was mapped.
  7. Optimum RPM

    Ignore the shift arrows and change gear when you feel is right, how do you think people did it before these indicators started being fitted? They aren't there for optimum performance just for optimum fuel economy, they won't adapt to your driving either.
  8. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    How long have you had the filter fitted for? is it the full K&N intake kit? The the replacement pipework and heatshield? I've not seen many people use that kit over here, usually kits designed for the US ST, which this one is (or was originally if they've modified it) don't work on euro STs, warning lights and limp mode usually happen, the fault is down to the position of the small tube on the intake hose in relation to the MAF sensor, our cars and kits have the MAF between the filter and the tube, US kits place the MAF after the tube. worth checking with the supplier or K&N, have a look where this tube is they may have modified it already for UK cars.
  9. mk4 heater control valve???

    I've had to replace two, one failed closed so it diverted hot water through the valve not through the matrix, so no heat, the other failed open so we had heat all the time, annoyingly we had no heat in winter and only heat in the summer lol. best way to check the solenoid is working is to have the car on, heater dual to hot and take the plug on and off at the valve, it's a very quite click, think you can feel it more than hear it. if that isn't working it could be the heater panel that's faulty.
  10. Dash Cam Installation

    Best bet is to put a ring crimp on the end of the wire not wrap it around the screw. even with the diagram it will be trial and error as to what is and isn't live with the ignition off. there are different size fuseholders so they probably supply the most common which is the standard size
  11. GAP insurance -what is it?

  12. If you go into a ford dealer or use Fordpartsuk and ask for mats for a 66 plate fiesta they'll be right.
  13. Debadge - Opinions?

    Would look cleaner without the fiesta badge, can't really hide that it's a fiesta,
  14. OBD

    You press it once.
  15. Potentially buying a fiesta st-3

    Might be a bit high price wise, is it private or dealer? wouldnt put me off as its been one of the first things I've done to mine, it's also one of the few mods that won't affect the base warranty. if you insure it as a "fiesta ST3 215 upgrade" it might be a bit cheaper on insurance than a ST3 as its classed a its own model and the claim stats are lower for it, 212bhp/320nm with overboost, 197bhp/290nm off overboost but, that's unlikely to happen unless you're on an autobahn.