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  1. Have a look on Facebook for colourcustom_ or SAS conversion.
  2. Have you looked on the HPI website to see what they say about this?
  3. Yeah done it a couple of times, didn’t like the second one so paid to have it turned back into metal.
  4. Press the bottom right button and turn the screen off. Thr screen on new Fords isn’t a reason to not have one.
  5. It is in the locks section of the manual. The key blade from the fob goes in the slot at the bottom edge of that cap.
  6. Anything will fit if you’ve got the money, time and know how. Someone fitted a focus mk3 ST engine in one but it wasn’t easy, A fiesta ST engine goes in and can male similar power and Is lighter.
  7. Ever time I’ve heard of someone fitting a diff they’ve had the bearings and oil seals replaced at the same time. how much has the diff cost so far?
  8. Newer Fords go into a sleep mode if not used for a couple of weeks to stop the battery going flat.
  9. The OE rivets are aluminium,
  10. You can buy them for yours.
  11. With the mark 7 ST, Ford didn’t know at launch if people would pay more for the extra spec so offered a more basic one, it was mechanically the same just no gadgets, still had Recaros. It was £1k less than a ST2. They launched the ST3 after a year due to people ordering the ST2 with all the options. For the mk8, after a while, they would realise the other specs were ordered more, so no point offering it if it’s not selling.
  12. ST2 and 3 have keyless start which makes theft via the OBD port possible ST3 ( ST2 if the option was picked) has keyless entry which make entry and theft by amplifying the key fobs signal possible. All can be broken into by breaking the lock or window, ST1 harder to steal because of the ignition key.
  13. Couple of screws and it swaps over, I’d give it to the bodyshop to swap over.