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  1. Should have a wallet with the owners manual, service book, quick start guide. Check you've also got the wheel nut key and its ID card and the funnel for the fuel tank.
  2. The one you fitted to your mk7 came from a mk7.5
  3. How well known are they in Belgium? In the UK we have Revo, Pumaspeed (Maxxd), Peron and Collins who are all well known and have done a lot of development on the ST, all have a stage 1 map that should make similar figures with standard hardware, we also have a lot of independant "tuners" who make similar claims. Personally I'd go with a well known tuner.
  4. The foam strip peels off easily, especially on a new car, are they really that stupid.
  5. Airbox is a different shape so the mk8 lid won't fit the box, can't use the mk7 lid either as the MAF sensor is a different shape. Get a cold air feed tube, either the Ford one from a mk7 ST200 or another tube around 70mm, cut a similar size hole in the airbox and push the hose in.
  6. Any pics of them? I was going to get another set of Mountune mats but if mk8 mats fit I'll buy the "lux" set for the mk8.
  7. Why do people think garages and tradespeople are just waiting for them to give them a job to do? They have other customers who have booked their car into be looked at. You told him you had a warning light, until it's plugged into a diagnostic tool there's no way if knowing what the issue is, He said if it was found to be a safety issue it would need to be rectified before they would return it, Until they look at the car, it is down to you if you want to drive it with a warning light on, not them. Ford would only pay the dealer if it was able to be done under warranty, until the fault is diagnosed they won't know if Ford will pay or the customer is going have to pay. theyre not turning away work, they are getting the work they have, done in a controlled way, Have you tried getting a doctors appointment on the day you are ill? People have unrealistic expectations.
  8. I don't think anything Maxyon make fits properly.
  9. You mean, go for a ST2 or 3 to get half leather heated Recaros, the ST1 has Recaros.
  10. the Mountune kit makes 212bhp, and 236lbsft, they've quoted the standard cars non overboost bhp and overboost torque figure, so they've either not dynos a standard car or if they did it performed better than the quoted figures. there are also more well known tuners who offer even more power/torque than that for less than Mountune. if your cars out of warranty then maybe Mountune isn't for you.
  11. Think it's just race red.
  12. Mine relock after 20-30 seconds
  13. Fifth row up from the bottom of the list.