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  1. It’s known as a mk8, probably didn’t have an engine cover, check similar cars on eBay or autotrader to confirm.
  2. They have a timer triggered by the light being used, the fan also has a permanent live to it which runs the fan.
  3. There’s no regulation in BS7671 saying there has to be a fan isolator switch fitted, the MCB which can be locked off is good enough. There is a regulation that says manufacturers instructions should be followed, so if they say they want one fitted you should take that into account, some fan makers want it on a 3 amp supply, some don’t, there aren’t many fused fan isolators available.
  4. Zone 0 would be in the bath or shower tray, above the 600mm above the sink is ok
  5. You’ve not been ripped off. what milage is the the car? Any history with it that might say it’s already been done? This lot have just got you stressed about it, phone around for prices and have it done when as soon as you can afford it.
  6. Get her to try it your way and see.
  7. If you don’t think you were in the wrong, challenge them. Other than that pay more attention when driving.
  8. Have you been searching using the Ford fini number? 1355098 this was one of the hits https://www.vogel-hechingen.de/artikel/35487/für-Ford-Fiesta-ST-150-Bremssattelhalter-vorne.html
  9. Wipe any drips up before you close the cap. Hardly a design flaw, more user related.
  10. When I did mine I didn’t have to supply any new photo, they use the one they already have, they just want your ID details so they know it goes to the right person.
  11. My new one turned up after 3 of 4 days, pretty sure it said to wait and send it back, it didn’t say cut it up. Overall a quick and simple process online.
  12. I meant about keeping the old licence till the new one comes along.
  13. No need to go and have a look then when you can speak to them.
  14. Do you not have a phone?
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