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  1. diesel running lumpy over 3000rpm

    had a freind check my car with a fault reader comes up with P0149 -fuel timing error car running very bad will not rev and a lot of blue white smoke unburnt fuel i was told i got a new timing belt fitted about a month ago is this any thing to do with it not loosing water or oil hope some one can help thanks mike
  2. can any help just started today was running fine filled up with diesel now over 3000 revs it has like a misfire and very lumpy fine at tick over thanks mike
  3. Rear Door Child Locks

    hi i have a 52 focus tdi estate and was wondering how to put the child locks on one of the rear doors in the book it says use the key in a slot on the door but i cant find it anywhare thanks !Removed!
  4. strange noise

    thanks for the reply but they tried a new tensioner and noise still there some one said that it might be an air pipe to the turbo that they may have damaged they are going to have a look
  5. strange noise

    i have just had my timing belt replaced and new tensioner my car has started to make a very faint squealing noise when it gets to normal running temp i have taken it back to the garage and all the belts and pulleys ect were fine any ideas would be a great help thanks !Removed! its a 2002 1.8 turbo diesel estate
  6. clock weird

    can any help this is a weird one only happens now and then when i switch of my car 52 focus the temp and fuel gauge jump to the half way mark when i start the car they go back to normal any help thanks !Removed!
  7. rattle

    hi my focus has a rattle at the front its not from the engine but that area like somthing vibrating worse when hot is a heat shield maybe not always there thanks for any help thanks mike
  8. best glass cleaner

    thanks for all the advice wil give some a try let you know how i get on thanks mike
  9. best glass cleaner

    hi what is the best way to clean my windscreen there is a like a oily film on it i have tried glass cleaner even viniger but still oily realy bad when driving in the dark thanks mike
  10. headlight condensation

    thanks for all the help will giv it a try
  11. fan running all the time

    hi yes coolant level fine seems to be ok
  12. fan running all the time

    is it easy to get into the back of the switch thanks mike
  13. hi i have just noticed tonight the the drivers side head light has got condensation in it is there anyway to dry it out or is it a new unit requried thanks mike
  14. hi can any one give me some advice my 2002 tdi radiator cooling fan running all the time does not over heat ar ony problems air con off is this ok or is there a problem just got the car otherwise it runs great cheers mike
  15. new key

    its a blue key thenks will look for local lochsmith thanks mike