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  2. Since I've moved on to better things (VW) and had auto lights and wipers, I can safely say I'll never ever go back 😂😂. Same as I'll never leave my DSG for a manual. Before I had lived with auto lights I thought it was a waste of money. Infact I even specifically refused two fiestas from dealer because they had auto lighfs and wipers. Well, what a mistake i made with those!
  3. The1.0 in the fiesta doesn't actually have that many problems. It was the early 1.0 In the focus that had issues. I killed my ecoboost but that was an extremely poor map. I don't blame the engine.
  4. you don't have a turbo do you? In which case it's not really worth remapping it..
  5. You need the auto switch. Sensor behind the mirror, wiring loom and forscan to enable it
  6. try folding them back on themselves asif a car has hit them. Then lock the car
  7. One of the owners is actually a member on the forum. I've given him a message for you with this link. Tagged below too. @M4RC
  8. @Rob palmer Needs enabling with Forscan.. They're not plug and play
  9. That's what happens when you fit cheap HIDs. I hope youve got projectors fitted, if not I won't he giving anymore advice after this. When I had my fiesta, cheap 35w hid kits wouldn't work properly. I fitted a fairly decent 55w kit and for whatever reason that just worked. I didn't even have to install a Relay to the battery. In your case, it could be a case of either the ballast being faulty, or, it's not able to draw enough power to keep the bulb lit.
  10. More torque/harsher torque delivery = more stress on syncros during gearchanges. @Paramanic has had issues which I'm sure he'll explain to you
  11. Trim wise I'd use Gtechniq C5 or Infinity wax rubber wax. Tyres I'm currently using KKD's tyre dressing I think Get yourself some samples from www.cleanyourride.uk kieran www.yorkshiredetailing.co.uk
  12. The mk6 fiesta petrols always have issues with coil packs. I'd replace that and the HT leads. If it's pre 2005 (prefacelift) then add some silicone sealant to the bottom of the washer jets as water gets in between the jets and the bonnet.sounds unlikely because the airbox is in the way but it happens! Then change the plugs, make sure the core plug has been changed correctly with a good quality one. If issues continue then it could indeed be headgasket failure, but the engines in the mk6 are pretty reliable so it's unlikely. If it is, get some powermaxed steel seal headgasket stuff, put it in, and sell up 😂. To be honest I know people who have used it as a permenant fix
  13. Watch your synchros.. Bluefin maps have a history of destroying them on the ecoboost due to torque delivery
  14. Just go to your local breakers yard and remove it then you know you're getting the correct part
  15. Remap wise, don't touch AET motorsport with a bargepole. Go to a Revo dealer or somewhere that does truly custom maps.
  16. I used moondust silver on my 2014 ZS before I sold It. Matched perfectly
  17. The way you're going with those parts it sounds like you're dealing with AETmotorsport and possibly considering a map with them? If you are, don't. Killed my ecoboost within a week - melted a piston The noise is normal, it's what happens with that (unneccesary) valve fitted.
  18. So they're claiming it's their own GENERIC remap... IE, they've developed it over thousands of miles but it's still a generic file.
  19. You're answering your own questions. You say you have the skill, yet you keep ruining the film etc. This is what you pay professionals for, their Time, knowledge and experience as well as materials etc
  20. For £150 it's gonna be a generic map bought in. Don't get a cheap map.i did that with my ecoboost and it died a death. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  21. Fiestas don't have them fitted.
  22. You need a load resister running in parallel with each bulb
  23. I don't come on here much anymore aw I've since moved onto bigger things. But while I'm here i have to say, Just whatever you DO NOT GO NEAR AET MOTORSPORT.
  24. ABS now works.. Seems it simpley wanted to relearn the braking system or something as its perfect now Oh, and the modifications have begun.. Spot my bodge!! Ill be cleaning the kit soon, I test fitted it then couldn't be bothered removing again
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