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  1. Escort Mk4 Leaky Roof

    Hi all, My mk4 escort with a sun roof has a major issue with soaking wet headlining in rear of the car. To me this sounds like a dodgey sun roof. I have heard about drainage pipes, but where to the rear are they? Any one have any pics/locations or ideas where to start? Also the heater blower/resistor doesnt work. Any ideas where to buy a new one, cant find anywhere Cheers people
  2. Help Needed! Focus Tdci X-Reg

    Cheers. Pic 1 is the left side of the engine, n pic 2 is the right side. Then the 3rd pic is right behind the bit on pic 1. I couldnt see any obv split, bit can see underneath. Im not sure how its ment to look, but doesnt looked fixed right up to the egde. The airvents inside the car make a funny noise when you turn them on, could this be connected?
  3. Help Needed! Focus Tdci X-Reg

    Cheers for the replies. Do you onow what that first hose pipe is called?
  4. Help Needed! Focus Tdci X-Reg

    Hi I am new to this forum as I only got my ford yesterday. Upon startin my 70mile journey back home, the first 4times I put my foot right down, it puffed out black smoke. It hasnt done it since, but when I got home and stuck my head under the bonnet, I can hear something that sounds like air blowing/leaking. Its a x-reg 1.8tdci estate. Any help would be very helpful. Ive added pics of the area i can hear hissing to see if any1 can see anything obvious
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Sherwood89 :)

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