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  1. Mondeo Mk4 Dpf Problem

    Cheers man. Do you/ anyone know if the engine light needs to be reset BEFORE it will regenerate?? Thanks Andrew
  2. Mondeo Mk4 Dpf Problem

    Hello all, First post so go easy if failing to see etiquette please. Just got a 2009 Mondeo 2.0 from my old man, he just retired, company sold it to him for a £1k, previously fleet so full service history from the company (but minimal I'll guess). 90,000 on the clock but impeccable and all motorway miles Anyway, been off the road in the olds garage for a month as I got the cash to pay him, drove it first time today and after about 45 minutes the engine warning light comes on. Take it to local Kwik Fit who tell me its the particle filter and to drive it on the nearest A road for a bit in high revs. They turned the light out. Did this, but only for about 15 minutes; they didn't give me a time nor speed to drive at. Got it home, only for the light to come back on again. A fair bit of frantic googling later and I understand its the DPF and that it needs to be run at a constant speed (70?) at high revs (presumably 4th?) for 20 minutes for it to regenerate??? A couple of questions: 1. Is this likely to work with the Engine Warning light on? Or do I need to get this reset again before the car will regenerate? 2. Is this likely to fix the problem? I.e. is it likely to be a problem caused by the fact that its not been driven for a month or so?? Any early advice appreciated as I'd like to take to garage to sort out tomorrow. Cheers Andrew
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