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  1. Focus 1.6 computer packed up?

    Well they have now refered me to the dealer to have the ECU replaced because its got to be reprogrammed or something. Altogether its gonna cost around 800-900 to install and reprogram the ECU! I may as well sell the car for scrap! I only bought it last year July for 5000! I make my last installement now in July!
  2. Focus 1.6 computer packed up?

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on the forum and I hope this is in the right section. If not, please let me apologise in advance. I just need some advice from someone in the know. Last week my Focus started leaking pink fluid out the right side onto my parking lot. The mechanic said it was the water pump that had packed up. (200squid) Then I got it back and the temp gauge hit the red, they then said the thermostat and switch had packed up (100squid) Then they realized the CPU or the cars computer had packed up ! Another 300- 400 squid? I am just really worried that they have seen me coming! Its seems a little odd that all these things go wrong at the same time! The car has only done 20 000miles! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.