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  1. My new Ka...some problems. Can you help?

    Yes, the new shape. When I said about getting into reverse, I meant that I crunched the gears by accident. The guy at the dealership was going through the controls with me with the engine running. He told me that reverse was selectable by pulling up a collar on the gear lever. I tried this and put it into reverse, but forgot to disengage the clutch...doh. So I was wondering if doing that had damaged the clutch/gears and that maybe that was causing the 'gravelly' sound I get on changing up through the gears? Doesn't happen when changing down though. Thanks for the input so far guys.
  2. Picked up my new Ka 1.3 Zetec TDCI on Friday. I have a couple of problems though: 1. When changing up and depressing the clutch, there is a noticeable 'gravelly' sound. This is caused by depressing the clutch pedal and happens if you depress it with or without changing gear. The noise is more pronounced from 1st to 2nd, less so from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th...and then virtually non-existent from 4th to 5th. When changing down it isn't there at all. I took it back to the dealership today and they took me out in a 1.3 petrol...no noise. They don't have another diesel in right now so can't compare. When I first got it Friday I was trying to get it into reverse and crunched the gears just the once but surely this can't have caused any damage? 2. The petrol indicator went from full to half full. Then when I got back in the car and started it, it was indicating almost full again? Can anyone help with these two issues? Thanks ;)