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  1. Turned out to be loose earth wires on the battery terminals.
  2. getting a dtc262 code and a p103 code too from the dash test mode
  3. voltmeter should read at 14.2volts while car is running. if not then your alternator is weak.
  4. my 1.4 focus mk1 is jittering sometimes while driving. its like it is cutting out and bump starting itself again. At higher speeds i get no problems. Sometimes in traffic and around town it cuts out completely and wouldnt start again untill i gave it a little bump in gear. It never showed anything on the dash out of the usual untill this morning when it cut out and wouldnt start and the immobaliser led flashed when key was off and just went out as soon as i turned the ignition on and the dash was showing ---. It was starting when i finally got it into the car park but i am now worried if i will get back home again now. Help please.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums tommy88 :)

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