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  1. 6000CD swap-out question

    Yes it was, but remember the one I fitted is exactly the same size as the old one and fitted the fascia exactly - it was more the functionality I was concerned with. The Sony one my have a different fascia panel and connection etc so you need to check all this out before hand.
  2. 6000CD swap-out question

    Fitted fine as I suspected. Fitted the mp3 jack in the glovebox and works great!
  3. Ghia Badge question

    As far as I can tell it should have the "Focus" on there, so i'm gonna try and get hold of a new badge.
  4. Ghia Badge question

    On the back of my Ghia, I have the "Ghia" badge , but not the "Focus" badge. I'm wondering if its missing intentionally, or if it was lost/removed or whatever at some point. Are they usually stuck on, or should there be some holes? Just wondered if anyone knows if Ford are in the habit of leaving off the "Focus" from any of their models.
  5. focus handbook

    You can get a 2008 Handbook here: http://fordfcsd.wunderman.be/UK/Vehicle%20Manuals/
  6. Focus 55 Fuse help

    I have just got the car, so as far as I can tell everything is working ok. There are other empty slots, but as these two in particular had contacts in I thought I would check as I had to replace the lighter socket fuse, and you know what its like sometimes, people nick a fuse from something less important if they need one in an emergency - plus in case something stops working it means I haven't got to pull every fuse out to see if its blown.
  7. 6000CD swap-out question

    Well, i'm gonna find out cos a just bought a 6000CD with Aux button, so i'll post back when I fit it.
  8. Focus 55 Fuse help

    I don't have the manual for my 55 Focus Ghia, but have downloaded a 2008 Owner Manual. However in this manual the fusebox in the footwell is labelled differently to mine. I have a couple of fuses missing and am not sure what they do (or even if they should be there), so I wonder if anyone knows where I can download a 2005 UK Manual or is able to scan in the fuse box pages from their manual and post them up. Thanks very much.
  9. 6000CD swap-out question

    I have a 6000CD (with centre volume knob) that has the CDDJ button and want to replace it with a 6000CD (with centre volume knob) that has an AUX button. Is it just a straight swap-out?